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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the release candidate versions of upcoming iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 updates to developers for testing purposes, with the software coming a week after the launch of the fourth betas. The RCs mark the final version of the software that will be provided to the public in the near future.


Registered developers are able to download the iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 updates over-the-air after installing the appropriate profile from the Developer Center. Going forward, beta updates will not require a profile and will instead be done directly on device through an Apple ID linked to a developer account. Apple has also provided an iOS 15.7.4 beta for those still running iOS 15.

iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 add new emoji characters, including shaking head, pink heart, light blue heart, donkey, moose, jellyfish, hyacinth, ginger, black bird, and more. There are 31 new emoji in total, including left and right hand options in several skin tones.

Safari Web Push notifications have been added on the iPhone and iPad, and you can receive them from websites that have been added to the Home Screen on your device. Web Push notifications are identical to the notifications that you get from websites on the Mac, and behave like any other iOS notification.

Third-party browsers like Chrome are now able to let users add websites and websites to the Home Screen, and Apple has reintroduced the HomeKit architecture upgrade. There are also changes to Podcasts, minor updates to Apple Music, new options for Shortcuts, a reintroduced page turning animation for Apple Books, and more, with a full list of new features in iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 available in our features guide.

Apple's full release notes for the update are below:
This update includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

- 21 new emoji including animals, hand gestures, and objects are now available in emoji keyboard
- Notifications for web apps added to the Home Screen
- Voice Isolation for cellular calls prioritizes your voice and blocks out ambient noise around you
- Duplicates album in Photos expands support to detect duplicate photos and videos in an iCloud Shared Photo Library
- VoiceOver support for maps in the Weather app
- Accessibility setting to automatically dim video when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected
- Fixes an issue where Ask to Buy requests from children may fail to appear on the parent’s device
- Addresses issues where Matter-compatible thermostats could become unresponsive when paired to Apple Home
- Crash Detection optimizations on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models
With RCs now available, iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 could see a release as soon as next week.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Release Candidate Versions of iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 to Developers [Update: Public RC Available]
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No other RC's yet, can't crow about everything.
RC for macOS Ventura is out too. Today is the day! 🤔


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Nov 9, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA


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Nov 9, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA
Finally! Not that I'm excited about the update but now MR can stop worrying about when it's releasing.

No doubt in a week we'll have an article titled "When will Apple release iOS 16.5?!?"
Got to have that to maintain high visibility in Tech news. 16.4 newness won't last very long, you can only post whats new in 16.4 for a few days then your bored.
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Jun 9, 2021
- Voice Isolation for cellular calls prioritizes your voice and blocks out ambient noise around you

Wait this is just now coming to cellular calls in 16.4? I could have sworn this setting was already available. Maybe it was just for VoIP apps before. Or was it really limited to FaceTime only?
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