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Apple Seeds Second Beta of tvOS 11.1 to Developers and Public Beta Testers


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the second beta of an upcoming tvOS 11.1 update to developers for testing purposes, a week and a half after seeding the first tvOS 11.1 update and three weeks after releasing tvOS 11 to the public.

Designed for the fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV models, the tvOS 11.1 developer beta can be downloaded onto the Apple TV via a profile that's installed using Xcode on the Mac.

The tvOS 11.1 update appears to focus on bug fixes and performance improvements rather than outward-facing design changes, and no new features were found in the first beta. Should anything new surface in the second tvOS 11.1 beta, we'll update this post.

tvOS 11 introduces features like full support for AirPods, automatic switching between light and dark mode based on local time, Home screen syncing options designed to keep multiple Apple TVs in a single household in sync, and new background modes and notification support.

Update: Apple has also released the second beta of tvOS 11.1 to public beta testers.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Second Beta of tvOS 11.1 to Developers and Public Beta Testers


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Oct 9, 2017
Any chance to get a tvOS 11 roundup page up anytime soon ? It is a convenient placeholder for easily accessing the information on the current release, and there is no such link since the tvOS 10 roundup page has been archived. Thanks.
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Jan 8, 2003
Let’s hope they fix the terrible bugs, e.g. can’t watch previews without buffering on intervals of 6 or 8 seconds, can’t play movie from Siri, renting on one device and playing on another doesn’t really work without cludgy work arounds.

With the mess that is these four OS releases, it is doubly odd that Apple claimed these were mostly hardening releases, not feature adding ones.

My guess is Tim needs to make some changes. I think Craig is great, but one guy overseegin four operating systems, cloud, and dozens of apps is too much.


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Aug 24, 2012
4K Videos in Photos? That was left out of the original release and I’m curious if this update resolves the issue. Basically, the Photos app would see “all” videos as 1080p, even if they are 4k (shot with iPhone). With this update, do 4K videos in Photos play as 4K?


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Feb 9, 2012
Has "unwatched" returned??

It has on mine, but then again I bought a USB-A to USB-C cable and forced it back to 10.2.2

Had to turn off automatic updates etc to make sure Apple did not bugger up my ATV4 again.

Definitely a case of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", I will be extremely wary of Apple updates from now on.


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Apr 11, 2005
Maybe instead of several articles each or every other week, we have one article: Apple releases the following betas todays: iOS 11.1, tvOS 4.x, macOS High Sierra 10.13.x, etc.
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Mac 128

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Apr 16, 2015
So, not addressing the problem of having to manually switch between display formats, to get the correct encoding for my programs?

I'd rather NOT have Apple TV 4K encode everything with fake HDR, nor do the upscaling to 4K for every source.

Right now it takes 10-14 steps every time I want to switch from a 1080p SDR program, to a 4K HDR movie, and back.

ALSO: any chance they'll offer a 1080p SDR 24Hz option? It's the most common format for HD movies out there, yet for some reason Apple TV 4K doesn't offer it.
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Jun 20, 2003
Brisbane, Australia
U have to install it via a computer right? Since its a beta update.
No. You can enable public beta updates right from the update screen.
[doublepost=1507592888][/doublepost]All I REALLY need for this beta to fix is the stereo sound clipping after 3-4 minutes bug regardless of setting or cable.


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Jun 20, 2003
Brisbane, Australia
Wow. This beta was a trash fire. Not only did it NOT fix my audio clipping bug; Netflix wouldn't play (either green for 4K content or black for HD content with audio still playing), the remote play/pause button wouldn't work, it would get stuck in 720p with a pink rectangle, and switching any video mode would cause it to lose signal and require a force restart by pulling out the cable.

Nuke and pave :/
[doublepost=1507629588][/doublepost]Err. Either Resets options leaves me with the same iOS 11.1 beta. How do I downgrade?


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May 19, 2010
I hope for some transparency improvements around HDR. The fact that everything is apparently up-scaled to HDR, as well as the fact that Apple hasn't clarified if Dolby Vision movies play in HDR10 (if you don't have a DV capable tv) - no visual cue makes the experience particularly frustrating. Also, the Netflix thing where all HDR content is marked Dolby Vision and not HDR (again even on non-DV TVs) Can't tell if this is a Netflix issue that requires an app update, or something on the Apple back-end.

Other then this, I have really not had any issues with the ATV 4k at all.
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