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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the second betas of new iOS and iPadOS 14.7 updates to developers for testing purposes, one week after seeding the first iOS and iPadOS 14.7 updates.


iOS and iPadOS 14.7 can be downloaded through the Apple Developer Center or over the air after the proper profile has been installed on an iPhone or iPad.

The new iOS and iPadOS 14.7 updates may be focused on under-the-hood bug performance improvements and bug fixes for issues that weren't able to be addressed in iOS 14.6, but a few minor features have been found.

Apple in iOS 14.7 will expand the Air Quality Index feature to additional countries that include the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada.

When paired with the accompanying HomePod 14.7 software, iOS 14.7 will allow the Home app to set multiple timers on a HomePod or a HomePod mini.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Second Betas of iOS and iPadOS 14.7 to Developers
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Oct 8, 2016
No Center Stage on 2021 iPad Pro 12.9" in this beta, either :(

It hasn’t been in either 14.7 beta on Apple apps.

What? Center Stage is already available for me on iPadOS 14.6 on my 2021 iPP 11”

I can confirm that Center Stage is available on iPad Pro 2021 using iOS 14.6. Not only on Apple apps, it is on several third-party apps already.

By the way I dislike the function, I don't want the camera following me around, I intentionally want to get away from it... so I have disabled it.


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Jul 6, 2007
Telluride, CO
What? Center Stage is already available for me on iPadOS 14.6 on my 2021 iPP 11”
Yes, 14.6 downgrades bring it back but apparently FaceTime does not have it in 14.7, but it seems 3rd party apps may.

The toggle is there in FaceTime settings but not activate in an actual call nor is the button to toggle it showing up during calls in FT.
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