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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the second RC version of an upcoming iOS 15.2 update to developers and public beta testers, less than a week after seeding the first RC and six weeks after the launch of iOS 15.1.


iOS 15.2 beta can be downloaded through the Apple Developer Center or over the air after the proper profile has been installed on an iPhone or an iPad. Public beta testers can also download the software over the air after installing the profile from Apple's beta testing website. The new beta is only available for iPhone 13 models.

iOS and iPadOS 15.2 add support for App Privacy Report, a feature that Apple first highlighted back at WWDC. With App Privacy Report, you can see how often apps are accessing sensitive info granted to them through privacy permissions, such as location, camera, microphone, and contacts.

The feature also gives you details on the various domains that apps and websites are contacting, so you can keep an eye on what your apps are doing behind the scenes and where your data might be going.

App Privacy Report can be enabled by opening up the Settings app, selecting the Privacy section, and choosing App Privacy Report. From there, you can toggle it on. After you start using apps, data will begin showing up in this spot. Apple shows seven days worth of data.

iOS 15.2 introduces an updated version of Apple's Messages Communication Safety feature for kids, and it adds a Legacy Contacts feature that lets you set a person who can access your Apple content like photos in the event of your death.

Apple added a new "Items That Can Track Me" option in the Find My app for scanning for nearby items, and the TV app on iPad has a new sidebar to make navigation simpler. In the Mail app, there's also a new option to use the Hide My Email feature when composing or replying to an email.

There's a tweaked Notification Summary that gives summaries more of a card-style look, a toggle in the Camera app for Macro mode on iPhone 13 Pro models, and an update to Emergency SOS. The Auto Call feature can now be enabled by pressing on the side button rapidly or holding down the side button and the volume button together. Apple has added a longer eight-second countdown (up from three seconds) to give you more time to cancel an accidental dial.

Apple's release notes for iOS 15.2 are as follows:
OS 15.2 adds Apple Music Voice Plan, a new subscription tier that provides access to music using Siri. This update also includes the App Privacy Report, new safety features for children and parents in Messages, and other features and bug fixes for your iPhone.

Apple Music Voice Plan
  • Apple Music Voice Plan is a new subscription tier that gives you access to all songs, playlists, and stations in Apple Music using Siri
  • Just Ask Siri suggests music based on your listening history and likes or dislikes
  • Play it Again lets you access a list of your recently played music
  • App Privacy Report in Settings lets you see how often apps have accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts and more during the last seven days, as well as their network activity
  • Communication safety setting gives parents the ability to enable warnings for children when they receive or send photos that contain nudity
  • Safety warnings contain helpful resources for children when they receive photos that contain nudity
Siri and Search
  • Expanded guidance in Siri, Spotlight and Safari Search to help children and parents stay safe online and get help with unsafe situations
Apple ID
  • Digital Legacy allows you to designate people as Legacy Contacts so they can access your iCloud account and personal information in the event of your death
  • Macro photo control for switching to the Ultra Wide lens to capture macro photos and videos can be enabled in Settings on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max
TV app
  • Store tab lets you browse, buy, and rent movies and TV Shows all in one place
  • Enhanced city map in Apple Maps with road details like turn lanes, medians, bike lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks for supported cities
This release also includes the following enhancements for your iPhone:
  • Hide My Email is available in the Mail app for iCloud+ subscribers to create unique, random email addresses
  • Find My can locate iPhone for up to five hours when in Power Reserve
  • Stocks allows you to view the currency for a ticker and see year-to-date performance when viewing charts
  • Reminders and Notes now allow you to delete or rename tags
This release also includes bug fixes for your iPhone:
  • Siri may not respond while VoiceOver is running and iPhone is locked
  • ProRAW photos may appear overexposed when viewing in third-party photo editing apps
  • HomeKit scenes that include a garage door may not run from CarPlay when your iPhone is locked
  • CarPlay may not update Now Playing information for certain apps
  • Video streaming apps may not load content on iPhone 13 models
  • Calendar events may appear on the wrong day for Microsoft Exchange users
We expect iOS 15.2 to see an official public launch next week.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Second Release Candidate Version of iOS 15.2 for iPhone 13 Models to Developers and Public Beta Testers
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Dec 11, 2020
Have they finally fixed the face scanning in I have had a 13 Pro Max since nearly launch and it still is analyzing all the people in my library, even after a four year old Mac started and finished the whole thing…
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Dec 11, 2020
I hope this is fixed too - it's been stuck analyzing about 400 photos since 15.0
I just don’t understand what the issue is. My iPad reanalyzed everything in a night. So did my previous iPhone after the 15 update. Further, aren’t they supposed to sync their analysis? You’d think the other devices finishing would make the iPhone almost instantaneous. I don’t get it.
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Sep 1, 2021
iOS 14.3 RC (18C65) - 8 December 2020
iOS 14.3 RC 2 (18C66) - 10 December 2020
iOS 14.3 - 14 December 2020

iOS 15.2 RC (19C56) - 7 December 2021
iOS 15.2 RC 2 (19C57) - 10 December 2021
iOS 15.2 - ?
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Dec 2, 2020
iOS 14.3 RC (18C65) - 8 December 2020
iOS 14.3 RC 2 (18C66) - 10 December 2020
iOS 14.3 - 14 December 2020

iOS 15.2 RC (19C56) - 7 December 2021
iOS 15.2 RC 2 (19C57) - 10 December 2021
iOS 15.2 - ?
It will probably likely be 19C56 for all iOS/iPadOS devices but 19C57 ONLY for 13 and 13 Pro when 15.2 gets released.
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Jul 12, 2009
Guess the rest of us normies won't see 15.2 until next week then.
Apple don’t release iOS updates / really any updates to general public in the later half of the week. Monday and Tuesday are when they tend to release, occasional Wednesday. They have only released end of the week in proper emergency situations or to fix a massive bug from a earlier in the week release.


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Jan 15, 2015
Would be better if an Apple user could just watch any movie or TV show and just pay a monthly subscription like Apple Music.
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