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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the seventh betas of upcoming iOS 16 update to developers for testing purposes, with the update coming a week after Apple released the sixth developer beta.


Registered developers can download the iOS 16 profile from the Apple Developer Center, and once installed, the beta will be available over the air.

iOS 16 introduces a revamped Lock Screen that offers a new level of personalization and customization through widgets, a notification redesign, and adjustable fonts and colors for the time. Multiple Lock Screens are supported, similar to watch faces, and can be associated with Focus modes.

Focus is easier to set up than before and more customizable, with Focus filters available to cut out distracting content within apps. The Messages app now features tools for editing an iMessage, unsending an iMessage, and marking messages as unread, plus it supports SharePlay, much like FaceTime.

The Mail app has improved search and tools that include undo send, schedule send, and follow up so you can get a reminder to check up on an email if you haven't gotten a response. Safari supports Shared Tab Groups and Apple is working to replace passwords with Passkeys, a more biometrically secure way to log in to accounts.

iCloud Photo Library allows users to more easily share photos with family members, and Live Text is supported in video. There's a neat new feature for lifting the subject from a background with a tap, which is part of Visual Lookup.

Dictation has improved, Maps now supports multi-stop routing, Apple Pay Later lets you split up purchase payments, and the Home app has been entirely overhauled with a new look. The fifth beta of iOS 16 added the battery percentage back to the status bar on iPhones that have a notch, plus it introduced new sounds for locating an iPhone via Find My or the Apple Watch.

There are tons of other new features in iOS 16, with a full rundown on everything available in our dedicated roundup.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Seventh Beta of iOS 16 to Developers
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Sep 16, 2006
Let's hope for a new version of Xcode. I can't even test on my physical devices since the last week. They rarely do that.
And you guys are in advance ! I don't see it in Settings and I don't see it in my Dev account either (yet).

Edit : Yes ! Xcode Beta 6 has been released.


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Feb 14, 2012
This was obviously going to happen but why did Gurman even bother speaking?

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May 30, 2016
This was obviously going to happen but why did Gurman even bother speaking?
Because there’s nothing indicating he was wrong.
Apple is always one to two builds ahead internally, they were working on beta three before WWDC.
Last year I believe it was discovered the firmware that was released on the iPhone thirteen on launch day was assembled on like August 14 (I may have gotten the date wrong) but there were still betas released after that date.
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Nov 9, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA


Resolved in iOS & iPadOS 16 beta 7​

  • Fixed: The pointer won’t behave correctly on the external display if the Assistive Touch accessibility feature is enabled. (92302190)



  • To improve security, CGImageCreate enforces parameter correctness on macOS 13 Ventura, iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16. Passing an incorrect CGImageByteOrderInfo is no longer supported, and will result in images failing to load. (94855401)


Known Issues​

  • Devices running beta 4 or later aren’t backwards compatible with devices running earlier beta versions. (95233878)


Known Issues​

  • The search field for the emoji Lock Screen editor is missing. (88603664)


Known Issues​

  • The device that initiates the pairing needs to use the same iCloud account as the home hub. Only the owner of a home, not an invited user, can pair Matter accessories. (76012945)


Resolved in iOS & iPadOS 16 beta 7​

  • Fixed: After purchasing a new domain and creating a custom email address, you might be offered to purchase the domain again. (93820872)


Known Issues​

  • Moving a Remind Me message to another mailbox doesn’t remove the Remind Me banner. (93671992)




Known Issues​

  • When using the new Metal mesh shaders feature, render pipeline state objects (PSOs) created with a mesh shader stage but without a object shader stage can fail to compile or fail to work correctly on some devices. (89836551)
    Workaround: When creating render PSOs with a mesh shader stage, also include a (potentially trivial pass-through) object shader stage.


  • The MTLResource.gpuHandle is deprecated. Use gpuResourceID instead, which functions as a replacement. (92862429)

Metal Offline Compiler​

Resolved in iOS & iPadOS 16 beta 7​

  • Fixed: App Store TestFlight distribution of apps with Metal Offline Compiler GPU binaries fails and results in validation errors. (95140728)

Known Issues​

  • MetalFX effect outputs aren’t designed to be consumed by the CPU. Outputting to a texture that is read only by the CPU might result in synchronization issues. (91515075)
    Workaround: If a CPU reading of the MetalFX output is desired, instead of encoding the MetalFX effect as the last item in a command buffer, encode a dummy blit that consumes the MetalFX output texture (a 1-pixel region blit is fine) in the command buffer. After the command buffer with the dummy blit is finished, reading of the MetalFX effect output texture with CPU synchronizes correctly.



  • FTP is deprecated for URLSession and related APIs. Please adopt modern secure networking protocols such as HTTPS. (92623659)



  • Deprecated the SKDownload API and removed the option to upload nonconsumable in-app purchase assets for Apple to host. In addition, support for managing these assets in App Store Connect is no longer available as of April 2022. (89764253)


Known Issues​

  • Providing actions to a navigationTitle modifier has been deprecated. Use the toolbarTitleActions() modifier or ToolbarTitleActions type in a toolbar modifier instead. (93658035)
  • Lists and tables might not clear their selection when exiting Edit Mode. (94093589)



  • [UIViewController shouldAutorotate] has been deprecated is no longer supported. [UIViewController attemptRotationToDeviceOrientation]has been deprecated and replaced with [UIViewController setNeedsUpdateOfSupportedInterfaceOrientations].
    Workaround: Apps relying on shouldAutorotate should reflect their preferences using the view controllers supportedInterfaceOrientations. If the supported orientations change, use `-[UIViewController setNeedsUpdateOfSupportedInterface


Known Issues​

  • American Express cards might need to be removed and re-added to Wallet after updating to iOS & iPadOS 16 beta 6 or later. (97990752)


Resolved in iOS & iPadOS 16 beta 7​

  • Fixed: When running in the simulator, WeatherService requests intermittently fail. (96101505)

Released today
  • iOS 16 beta 7 (20A5356a) - August 23, 2022
  • iPadOS 16 beta 7 (20B5027f) - August 23, 2022. S/B iPadOS 16.1 after its installed
  • watchOS 9 beta 7 (20R5359a) - August 23, 2022
  • tvOS 16 beta 7 (20J5371a) - August 23, 2022
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Jan 27, 2018
I'm not on any of the betas this time but I am hoping tvOS 16 fixes the Atmos glitch that causes periodic audio 4-5 second dropouts on Netflix. It started on 15 and hope it ends with 16.
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