Apple Seeds Third Beta of Upcoming macOS Catalina 10.15.2 Update to Developers


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Dec 27, 2016
I’m still pretty pi*sed off about my podcasts disappearing. I can only hope by the final release of Catalina these issues will be fixed. I’ll have to restore an old Mojave backup to a virtual machine, then upgrade to the final version Catalina, then surgically transfer podcasts folders from the VM to my main machine to finally fix this horrible mess. Failing that, I can only hope the next major release of macOS will have these issues fixed, but I’m doubtful; Apple left Podcasts in iTunes full of bugs for like eight years up to and including the final release. Pretty sad how Apple is now.
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Jan 4, 2008
It’ll probably be like high Sierra where it was junk until the last few point releases.
THAT has been the case since Jaguar, and probably before. Early adopters = MEGA beta testers.

As long as they are relying on SSD's for OS speed, that's going to lock out a ton of users. Bad idea.
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Nov 4, 2016
Somehow strange that there is no public Beta until now.
They got kinda cavalier / lackadaisical for awhile, dropping public betas right on top of developer betas. Hopefully this is a sign that they're taking things more seriously.


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Feb 12, 2016
Catalina should never have been released, it is a bug infested shi*t show. Brand new 16” MBP (same with previous 2019 15”)- Issues with:
Finder window sizing
Mail, hanging/freezing
Photos, not syncing with icloud
Messages, stuck “downloading from iCloud”
Bluetooth- damnit. Disconnects and reconnecting keyboard and mouse all day.
freezing mouse and overall sluggish response throughout the day for no apparent reason.
iCloud files not downloading/syncing

I am tired of troubleshooting this software, reminds me of why I left windows years ago.
I completely agree...I am experiencing almost all of the exact same issues, yet somehow so easily missed.. I’ll tell you what is Pro, email, exchange email, being able to send and receive email without having to restart the programme 5 times a day at least!!! it’s bizarre that on one hand we have the 16” MacBook Pro... we waited 3 years for, better priced than the maxed out 2018, 15” MacBook Pro, better keyboard, which I now realise how badly I have been typing, (for 3 years, I updated each time it was “fixed” (duh). Somehow Apple have managed to blow my extreme high after buying 16” one and owning for 3 days to quickly being reminded about awful this release has been. It’s not ”pro” troubleshooting multifaceted system wide issues, it compromises our work. I would rather pay for Major OS updates than deal with an annual 3 months of bull. I remember why I started buying Apple, it’s because the software was “symbiotic” with the hardware.... it’s hard to respect a company the gets you so high.... and leaves you so low...
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Oct 28, 2016
Anyone having problems with their MacBook Pros not waking from sleep when connected to external monitors with this latest release? I've just migrated from a late 2014 MacBook Pro 15 to a MacBook Pro 16. My previous monitor setup (which worked flawlessly on the previous machine) is a TB2 setup. TH2 out to Belkin TB2 express dock, TB2 out of that dock to another Belikin TB2 express dock. Each dock drives a 4K Dell monitor as well as providing ethernet etc. Due to the outlay of the new Mac I wanted to buy myself some time on replacing the TB2 stuff and just bought the TB3 to TB2 adapter from Apple to keep me going for a while. The problem I'm having is that if I let the machine go to sleep for a long period of time while connected to the TB2 setup, the machine will not wake up. Sometimes the backlight on the display turns on but nothing else, sometimes the screen flickers, sometimes it turns on with a scrambled image. It's essentially locked up. I have to do a forced shutdown and then restart and then everything is back to normal. If the TB2 is not connected when the Mac goes to sleep, the Mac wakes up fine.

Apple obviously says they are not aware of any problems with TB2 backward compatibility or any bugs with the OS.... and that is should "just work".

They are even suggesting it may be a hardware problem and saying they may replace it, without even looking at it. Personally, it doesn't seem like a hardware problem to me.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing similar problems?
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