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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the third beta of an upcoming watchOS 8.5 update to developers for testing purposes, with the software coming a week after the release of the second watchOS 8.5 beta.


To install ‌‌‌watchOS 8.5, developers will need to download the configuration profile from the Apple Developer Center. Once installed, ‌‌‌watchOS 8.5‌‌‌ can be downloaded through the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General > Software update.

To update to new software, an Apple Watch needs to have 50 percent battery life, it must be placed on the charger, and it needs to be in range of the ‌‌‌‌iPhone‌‌‌‌. You'll also need the accompanying iOS 15.4 update before you can install watchOS 8.5.

watchOS 8.5 introduces support for Emoji 14 characters, with new additions including melting face, biting lip, heart hands, bubbles, beans, face with diagonal mouth, palm up hand, eggs, troll, low battery, coral, lotus, and more.

We didn't discover any other major features in the watchOS 8.5 update, but we'll update this article should we find anything new.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Third Beta of watchOS 8.5 to Developers


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Sep 21, 2016
My watch (series 7) has not been displaying my heart rate as frequent or accurate on this round of updates. I updated to Beta 3 and so far my first workout is the same. The heart rate is faded or greyed out for most of the workout. It used to update every minute or so. I have done running, walking, strength training, as well as Apple Fitness guided programs and it's all the same. Very frustrating.

When I go into the heart rate and try to see it manually, i get the heart with an arrow inside telling me that it can't update. The only way for it to show is going to the ECG app and putting my finger on the crown. Then it will show temporarily. I have submitted feedback several times on it, but not sure if it's just me.
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