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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the release candidate version of an upcoming visionOS 1.1 update for developers, allowing them to test new features ahead of the software seeing a public launch. The new update comes a week after the release of the fourth beta.


The visionOS beta can be downloaded by going to the Settings app on the device and toggling on developer betas. A registered developer account is required, and Apple recommends making a backup before installing new software.

visionOS 1.1 brings support for iMessage Contact Key Verification and it adds Apple device management to the Vision Pro. With this functionality, IT departments at companies and educational institutions can manage Vision Pro headsets in the same way they manage iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

According to Apple's beta notes, users can now reposition volumetric scenes closer than before, enabling easier direct interaction with the volumetric scene content. That means objects can be placed closer to you. Apple also made several improvements to Personas, the virtual keyboard, and the Mac virtual display, with full release notes available below.
Mobile Device Management
- Enables account-driven device and user enrollment using Managed Apple IDs
- Support for device configuration (Wi-Fi, VPN, email accounts, single sign-on, and more)
- Support for deploying apps in volume including iPhone and iPad compatible apps, visionOS apps included in a Universal purchase, and proprietary in-house visionOS apps
- Support for remote erase via MDM and device inventory data

- Adds support for iMessage Contact Key Verification

- Closed captions can be anchored to the playback control while viewing Apple Immersive Video

Persona (beta) and EyeSight
- Adds an option to enroll your Persona hands-free
- Improves hair and makeup appearance
- Improves neck and mouth representation
- Improves rendering of the eyes for EyeSight

Virtual keyboard
- Cursor positioning for text input is now more accurate
- Resolves some instances where the virtual keyboard placement obscures the text input field
- Fixes an issue where in some cases, the text preview on the virtual keyboard may appear out of sync with the text field in the app
- Fixes an issue where the edit menu may appear unexpectedly

Mac Virtual Display
- Improves the reliability of discovering and connecting to a Mac using Mac Virtual Display
- Resolves an issue where Universal Control may stop working
- Addresses a connectivity issue that occurs when a previously paired Bluetooth device cannot be found

Captive Network Support
- Ability to set up your device while using a captive WiFi network such as those found at hotels, cafes and airports

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:
With the RC now available, the visionOS 1.1 beta will likely be released to the public in less than a week.

Article Link: Apple Seeds visionOS 1.1 Release Candidate
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Sep 12, 2018
New York
I bet apple is going to release another pair of those called Ultron Pro to compete with the Vision Pro


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Nov 9, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Apps built for visionOS changing scene types or upgrading from a compatible app will crash on launch if previously launched on a device. (121478050)

3rd Party Apps

Known Issues

  • Some third-party apps might crash on launch or during use when Accessibility options are enabled. (122506670) (FB13595783)
    Workaround: Disable any Accessibility options before launching impacted apps.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: The AccessibilityShortcut preference is reset if VoiceOver is toggled via triple-click of the crown immediately after completing setup. (121466353)

App Placement

New Features

  • Near-user boundary for volumetric scenes have been modified. Users will now be able to reposition volumetric scenes much closer than before, which will enable easier direct interaction with the volumetric scene content. (120926205)

App Store Submission

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Apps built for visionOS are unable to use the front-facing-camera UI Required Device Capability. (121465787)

Control Center

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Opening Control Center during tracking fail or while transitioning into Travel Mode will lead to the Control Center indicator disappearing. (119676121)

Known Issues

  • The Control Center indicator might be missing. (121071017)
    Workaround: Reboot your Apple Vision Pro.

Immersive Space

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Immersive apps might not resume automatically if Apple Vision Pro is taken off and put back in a different location. (122561314)

Lock Screen

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Passcodes containing a character which uses a diacritic can’t be used to unlock Apple Vision Pro. (122551154)

Mac Virtual Display / AirPlay Wireless

Known Issues

  • Mac Virtual Display and AirPlay are known to conflict when used concurrently. Concurrent usage might result in performance degradation including connection failure. (110475215)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Markup is not available for use in the visionOS Simulator. (122125666)


Known Issues

  • Users might see session interruption notifications that are not relevant to their app. (123124097)
    Workaround: Filter notifications against audio session of choice like so: NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(forName: AVAudioSession.interruptionNotification, object: AVAudioSession.sharedInstance(), queue: nil) { … }


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Passcode UI not obscured in screen recording and sharing. (121482327)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Registering passkeys might not work on certain websites. (122217903)

Persona Enrollment

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Eye tracking may not be accurate after Persona capture until the next time you put on Apple Vision Pro. (121630768)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: In multi-scene apps, custom Systems created for each scene are now released when the scene is dismissed. (116190653)
  • Fixed: RealityKit reports incorrect visualBounds for Attachments, which may impact entity placement. Larger attachments may be clipped due to the incorrect visualBounds values. (121887607)
  • Fixed: A scene associated with the RealityRenderer might be incorrectly registered to a non-RealityRenderer system resulting in a crash. (122392672)

Known Issues

  • A scene associated with the RealityRenderer using a custom system is not updated every frame. (110476883)
    Workaround: Update your components by subscribing to SceneEvents.Update rather than using a System.
  • Assigning a new VideoPlayerComponent to an Entity that already has one will result in a black video screen. (117087641)
    Workaround: Reuse the existing VideoPlayerComponent or remove the existing one first before assigning the new one.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Users might not be able to shut down Apple Vision Pro from Settings. (120555236)

ShaderGraph Materials

Known Issues

  • ShaderGraph material node compositions might result in invalid visual output. (122723231)
    Workaround: Avoid using a common asset node for both a surface shader and a geometry modifier within a single material or duplicate the asset node if needed.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Simulator might quit unexpectedly when using Apple Studio Display or other 4-channel systems for audio output. (122506938)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Siri may be unusable. (122361345)
  • Fixed: Unable to invoke Siri in simulator. (122514562)


New Features

  • New pricing properties price, currency, and currencyCode are now available on Transaction. If an offer was applied to the transaction, a new property offer is available to see information about it (id, type, payment mode), as well as convenience properties offerID, offerType, and offerPaymentMode. (106650768)
  • productDescriptionHidden(_:) API can be used to configure the visibility of product descriptions in ProductView, StoreView and SubscriptionStoreView instances within a view hierarchy. When building with Xcode 15.3, the view modifier can be used even if your app is running on iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0, macOS 14.0, tvOS 17.0, watchOS 10.0, visionOS 1.0, or later.
    When implementing a product view style, it can support this new view modifier by checking the descriptionVisibility property on the configuration value. (110414819) (FB12261973)
  • You can use SubscriptionStoreView to present promotional offers by adding the subscriptionPromotionalOffer(offer:signature:) modifier.
    If you’re already using inAppPurchaseOptions(_:) modifier to support promotional offers for StoreKit views, you should adopt the new API instead when your app is running on iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4, tvOS 17.4, watchOS 10.4, visionOS 1.1 or later. Do not use both APIs to apply a promotional offer for the same view. (115358806)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: The isEligibleForIntroOffer property and isEligibleForIntroOffer(for:) method now reflect ineligibility in cases where a customer would otherwise be eligible for the offer if they weren’t actively subscribed. This means a customer which is not currently eligible for an introductory offer may become eligible in the future.
    Customers who redeem an introductory offer for a given subscription group will continue to never be eligible for another introductory offer in that subscription group. You can detect this case this by checking if any one transaction with a matching subscriptionGroupID has the type property on offer set to introductory. (103604770) (FB11889732)
  • Fixed an issue causing the refund request “Done” button to not dismiss the sheet when using StoreKit Testing in Xcode. (117482750)
  • Fixed: Apps which configure a SubscriptionStoreView to show terms of service & privacy policy links with automatic or URL destinations will now open the URLs in the default browser. (120985657) (FB13540404)


New Features

  • Immersive Space displacement value added to the Environment, indicating when the system has moved an Immersive Space from its default position for an active SharePlay session. (117694400)
  • Introduced named SwiftUI coordinate space for Immersive Space. Allows cross-window coordinate conversions to an open immersive space. (118422388)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Volumes using the defaultSize(_: Rect3D, in: UnitLength) modifier to specify size, will now be the specified physical size at all display zooms. (116579319) (FB13240946)
  • Fixed: If the display zoom is changed in settings while a volume with a physical size is open, the content might be clipped. (120554484)

Known Issues

  • If the display zoom is changed in settings while a volume with a physical size is open, the content might be clipped. (120806632)
    Workaround: Closing the volume or force-quitting the app.

UI Frameworks

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Navigation bar display title modes are now respected and result in a smaller or larger navigation bar title. (114283700)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: UIApplication. setAlternateIconName(_:completionHandler:) is not supported in native visionOS apps. This does not affect compatible apps running on visionOS. (120929653) (FB13535833)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: UILabel.preferredVibrancy only supported semantic label colors, but now it supports all colors.
    let label = UILabel()
    label.preferredVibrancy = .automatic // default value
    label.textColor = .red // label will be rendered as vibrant red.



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Apr 2, 2021
I just want a lot of bug fixes! I see the same ones over and over but at least that means I know how they're dealt with.
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Jan 27, 2008
Beta 4 has been running well for me. Still surprised at how many basic Apple apps are still the iPad versions - specifically Maps and Calendar. Maps seems like an ideal candidate for an AR headset. Maybe they're planing something substantial for WWDC.
Yeah, probably. Native visionOS Maps with immersive Look Around will be so cool.
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Feb 6, 2004
Most important thing would be to fix bugs: (1) Get Safari to work with demanding web apps without crashing, (2) keep OS working without need to reboot daily. Working reliably would be the first step to being usable for work.

Only after that, we need new added features for stop-gap solutions: (1) better support for mirroring Mac with each window positioned separately, (2) better support for iPad apps - allowing to resize windows. Having existing non-visionOS apps available and working well would be a good second step to being usable for work.

And finally - after all that - start building apps for visionOS. To actually have it become the next platform.

(visionOS remains at pre-beta quality, not ready for launch)
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