Apple sends email regarding apps being purchased multiple times

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Veritas&Equitas, Aug 22, 2008.

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    I just received this from Apple regarding an issue I had with applications that I had to re-download being charged multiple times to my credit card.

    "Dear Customer,

    We have found, and addressed, an issue with your iTunes Store account which was preventing your computers from authorizing certain tracks properly. This problem could affect playing back purchased music or videos or launching applications on iPhone or iPod touch. You won't notice this issue until you attempt to authorize a computer to play one of the affected tracks. We have corrected the issue, however in order to authorize the affected purchases on your computer you will need to redownload new copies of the tracks from the iTunes Store. We have added the affected tracks back into your download queue, and they are available for you to download at any time, free of charge.

    Before you redownload, please follow these steps to authorize your account and your computer:

    1. Deauthorize your account, by choosing "Deauthorize Computer" from the Store menu in iTunes.
    2. Select "Authorize Computer" from the Store Menu in iTunes, and re-authorize your account.

    Once you've completed the steps above, you can begin to redownload the affected tracks. To redownload, simply choose "Check for Purchases" from the Store menu in iTunes. Make sure that you enter the Account ID "" when checking for purchases.

    We know that redownloading these tracks will cause you to have duplicate files on your hard drive, so we've created a step-by-step walkthrough that will help you eliminate the affected copies of the files.

    The walkthrough for removing these duplicate tracks is available at:

    After removing the duplicate tracks, you should also re-sync any iPod or iPhone that have purchases from this account. If your iPod or iPhone is set to Manually Manage Songs and Videos, you'll need to restore the device and then re-add tracks from your Library.

    Your purchases should now all play successfully. If you experience any difficulty using your purchases, please let me know.

    As our way of apologizing for this situation, and the inconvenience that this has caused, we'd like to offer you a Gift Certificate in the amount of $15.

    Your $15 Gift Certificate code is:

    To redeem this Gift Certificate, click the link below to launch iTunes and display the Gift Certificate redemption page:


    Enter the 16-digit Gift Certificate code and click the Redeem button. A message will appear confirming that the funds have been added to your account.

    Thank you for being an iTunes Store Customer.

    iTunes Store Customer Support

    I guess $15 gift certificate is a good way to make up for all that trouble; I'm happy for now.
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    Did you report the problem or did they send you this email preemptively? Either way, very good and detailed instructions, and good resolution. Congrats!


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