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    I'm trying to contact M. Bertrand Serlet, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple Inc.

    A software engineer friend of mine has been working for the best part of the last twenty years to an encoding system that allows for digitalization and conversion of South East Asia characters. As of this day, an accurate instrument for this daunting task does not exist. Without going into tedious details, we are talking about a procedure that has to take into consideration geographical specificities and be precise for characters thousands of years old, as well as future characters not yet existing today.

    Unicode and all other instruments available today cover only partially the need for accuracy, and already show their limit when it comes to regional differences and indexing. Also, no system available today can cope with the age-old problem of "The External Character" in languages connected to traditional Chinese.

    My friend has got his system already patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is sending briefs to interested professionals around the world; that's why I'm asking for advice on how to contact M. Bertrand Serlet.

    On one side it is obvious that personal email coordinates of managers let alone senior managers of any serious company are not disclosed to the general public. On the other hand, we need to contact a very specific person who's able to understand the details and implications of what we are talking about.

    This tecnology in the hands of any major company worldwide could provide an edge over all competitors when it comes to breaching the South East Asia Market. The chinese themselves have not been able to invent such a method of indexing; and this instrument could help them digitalize the content of millions of books to preserve the richness of their culture without compromising when it comes to subtle differences and changes according to each province history.

    That is why the person who recives this mail must be also in a position of power inside the company. That leaves very few candidates inside a given firm; and for Apple, we would like to contact M. Bertrand Serlet.

    I've been an Apple fanboy from the days before the PowerMac ( anyone remembers the Apple LC630 ? ), and it would be very exciting for me to be able to help this great company along their path of excellence.

    If anyone can suggest how to obtain email coordinates of M. Bertrand Serlet, I would be very grateful. Otherwise, I guess my friend will have to send it via another channel...

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about the matter.

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    May 31, 2007
    bserlet at apple dot com

    I have talked through email regarding high performance computing with Mr. Serlet in the past. I actually talked to him and not someone covering his email.
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    Nov 29, 2005
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    I still get a kick out of that guy. Next time you see him ask him to pronounce the word "Panther".

    The closest I have ever heard is "Panfar"... Its Hilarious!
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    Haha! People from other countries have accents that don't sound like mine. What a riot!

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