Apple servers Down???

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    Using my mail app for a address but all of a sudden I cant get into my app for this one email address and now notice its been like this at least 1 day if not longer.
    *my email address is not SD-B obviously :)

    Can access any other address but the apple one.

    To be safe, I went to icloud and changed my password, using questions from the past and that was fine, it said password changed.
    But i can get into all other sections, calender, etc but not my email.
    It just keeps spinning.

    Then comes up saying its cant load but there have not been any changes made.
    And if so, I can still get into the account, calender, etc just not the icloud mail?

    When I go into my internet accounts for this one, there seems to be no place now to change the password?
    Not sure if I am losing my but even on my android phone using email it wont give me my messages and even when I install the new password, it tells me my name or password is wrong, but my name has not changed, nor is recognizing the new password.

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    This is all I can see

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    Apr 1, 2009
    I did but didnt pay attention because i am not using El Capitan yet and haven't updated anything here for a few months.
    Nothing has changed on mine.

    So shall I assume that the servers are %$&&^^&*& and this is causing it, even on my end?

    Was actually going to update it all just now, but guess its not a good time to do so

    /phew, I was becoming a bit concerned
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    As of this posting:
    • Multiple iCloud Services - 0.86% of users are affected
      Users may be unable to send or receive mail and may also be unable to use Notes.
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    Mines back after a couple of hours - will assume that during the fix their email servers (?) were busy but now all is fine again.


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