Apple service...supposed to be good??

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hkriffraff, Sep 14, 2006.

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    I have a 15" Powerbook for which I purchased the Applecare warranty extension. I brought it in for service soon after purchasing it because there was a problem with a function key and was told then that I should also replace the bottom casing because it contained a small dent incurred during a slight mishap and this was supposed to pose some kind of electric hazard (?!). Because the damage was due to mishandling, I had to pay almost $200.

    Now two years later, the latch on the PB no longer shuts properly and feeling relieved that I still had applecare coverage, I brought it to a service centre. Again, I was told that fixing the latch required replacing the entire bottom casing and would cost another $200, as this was not covered by applecare. I thought this was ridiculous and called Apple directly to complain. The rep apologized and gave me a case number, saying the repair would be pre-approved.

    So I brought it back again and was told it would take 7-10 days. Two weeks later, I get a call from the centre saying they have a quote for the repair -- $200! The person said there was no indication of any pre-approval. Supposedly the problem is classified as "abuse" because my laptop case has some scratches on it and a minor dent on one corner where I bumped it against my desk some time last year. Yet the problem with the latch occured only recently.

    I suppose the laptop must remain in pristine condition, otherwise they can always cite "abuse" as a reason not to honor the warranty. And what kind of design is this, that you need to replace an entire casing because a latch doesn't shut? Applecare seems to have been a waste of money.
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    And that is EXACTLY why I say bullocks to all those drooling fanbois who ooohh and arrhh at the shiny aluminium design.

    It looks good sure... but what problems does it has?

    -It feels hot like ass, except ass feels a lot better
    -It dings, it dents! Sorry, it doesn't slice and chops
    -Scratch magnet
    -No heat vents eh? Sure feels very cool to use :rolleyes:

    Ive should get his head out of his ass and instead of thinking in idealistic design sense actually get down to work and design a PRACTICAL revamp for the laptops. I am sorry, while they look decent they just are not practical for the real world.

    Remember the other guy who was whinging because his Macbook got scratched up because the RUBBER flaps on the X-ray machine touched it the wrong way? Enough said.

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