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    here is what Apple say about AST:

    Read Before You Install Apple Service Toolkit
    Apple Service Toolkit (AST) is a system that consists of a NetBoot diagnostic server, diagnostic tools and an application to view diagnostic logs.

    Apple Service Toolkit includes:*
    • AudioTest — plays a series of tones through each speaker and listens for those same tones via the microphone.
    • Diagnostic Gateway (DG) — software that runs on a dedicated Intel-based Mac using Mac OS X Server 10.6/10.7 and serves up tools to triage computers via NetBoot, recording test results as log files.
    • Mac Resource Inspector (MRI) — triage tool that provides a fast check of internal hardware components for all Intel- based computer systems.
    • Notebook Adapter Diagnostic (NAD) — triage tool that reports on the condition of Intel-based notebook power adapters.
    • Cooling System Diagnostic (CSD) – evaluates the thermal sensors, fans and heat sink in MacBook Pro (Early 2011) models and will either confirm correct operation or help diagnose a service issue.
    • Gateway Manager — software application used to remotely configure and manage the Diagnostic Gateway server as well as access logs created by diagnostic tools.
    • Test Patterns Tool (TPT) – identifies pixel anomalies in LCD panels in Apple Display, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air systems.
    • Server Bit Setter (SBS) – Repair tool used after replacing logic boards in late model Mac mini Servers or backplane boards in late model Mac Pro Servers.
    • Video System Test (VST) – is used to test video issues in specific MacBook Pro models.
    • Blank Board Serializer (BBS) – Allows technicians to set the system serial number on replacement Main Logic Board (MLB) service parts.
    • AST Keyboard (OS) – service tool for in-depth testing of keyboards.
    • AST Trackpad (OS) – service tool for in-depth testing of trackpads.
    • Storage Diagnostic (OS) – Repair tool for testing HDD or SSD modules.
    • Image Persistence Test (EFI) – triage tool for identifying image persistence anomalies on IPS displays

    System requirements
    • Mac desktop or portable with 64-bit Intel processor*
    • Connected or built-in display (optional)*
    • 60 GB of available disk space****
    • 2GB of RAM*
    • Mac OS X Server v10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later, with serial number*
    • AST installation software

    Installing Apple Service Toolkit
    Apple Service Toolkit Installer installs Diagnostic Gateway, Mac Resource Inspector, Notebook Adapter Diagnostic, Test Patterns Tool, Cooling System Diagnostic, and Gateway Manager. Apple Service Toolkit must be installed on your startup volume (the partition of your hard disk that contains a System folder for Mac OS X Server). Previously-installed versions of Apple Service Toolkit on the same volume will be replaced by the Apple Service Toolkit installation. Cooling System Diagnostic requires a separate AST OS installation.

    To install Apple Service Toolkit:
    Installation instructions for Apple Service Toolkit are available in Knowledge Base article HT4595.


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