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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today shared a new video in its ongoing "Shot on iPhone" series, this time commissioned from French film director Michel Gondry, known for movies like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Be Kind Rewind," "The Green Hornet," and "The Science of Sleep."

The video focuses on eggs in various fantasy settings and situations, ending with an iPhone shot of chickens. The entire short piece was filmed on the iPhone 13 Pro.
What happens when you take a dozen eggs, add iPhone 13 Pro and throw in the inventive mind of Michel Gondry? The simple becomes cinema.
Apple regularly shares "Shot on iPhone" videos and photos, and it is one of the company's longest running advertising campaigns. The "A Dozen Eggs" video may make its way to TV commercials and social media.

Update: Apple has also shared a "Behind the Scenes" look at how the video was created.

Article Link: Apple Shares 'A Dozen Eggs' Shot on iPhone Video
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That's pretty amazing. Prices of the eggs will be soaring now.

Ready to slap an egg on the iPhone 14.

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Apr 8, 2009
It's a fun video, but it would be a weird thing to turn into an ad since it doesn't really highlight any of the benefits of the phone (except maybe that one shot in the cave where they racked focus to the egg in the foreground).


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Sep 20, 2014
Been wondering where the annual holiday ad is
Considering how horrifying last years was, I’m fine waiting.
The last good one was 2018’s Share Your Gift.
2019 could have been good but it ruined it by trying to hijack the sincerely earned emotions from Up and copy/paste them in like no one would notice.
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Jul 12, 2016
I'd be really impressed if it was both shot and edited on the iPhone 13 Pro that would be really cool.
That actually made me think of something. If I recall, on the iPhone X, Apple did have a video they posted with a new camera that was recording a holiday video, but also was edited on the iPhone. Because at that time, I remember my phone hadn’t been delivered yet and the ad was posted right around this time. But I do think it’s a good marketing tactic.
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