Apple Shares New Augmented Reality Resources for Developers

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    Apple today updated its developer site with new sample code for ARKit, providing developers with additional details on what can be done with the upcoming feature.

    According to Apple, the new code is available alongside new ARKit "best practices" published in the Human Interface Guidelines. Apple also asks developers working on an "amazing" ARKit experience to share it with the company.
    The new demos cover interactive content in ARKit and audio in ARKit, while the Human Interface Guidelines cover ideal app design like using the entire display, creating convincing illusions, being mindful of user safety, interacting with virtual objects, positioning virtual objects, and more.

    Along with new ARKit info, Apple today also informed developers that starting in the fall, apps will need to support App Store transactions of promoted in-app purchases for in-app purchases to be properly displayed on the App Store.

    iOS 11 includes new functionality that will let users browse in-app purchases from the App Store app and purchase them before downloading an app, and developers will need to implement support when the GM version of the Xcode 9 is released.
    Apple is expected to release iOS 11 in September alongside new iPhones, and that's when the first ARKit apps will become available for download.

    Article Link: Apple Shares New Augmented Reality Resources for Developers
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    I'm guessing this still means that in-app purchases can only be purchased on device and not in iTunes for Mac and PC?
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    I'd love to be able to do that.

    I'd also love to get a much better representation of what is included and what is bonus in the app description.

    "PREMIUM PACK 999999$" doesn't mean jack to me.

    Oh and make IAP backups, iTunes. "Restore purchases" is one of the most ridiculous things ever, the app is DRM-protected just as much as the IAP, so what gives?

    (DRM being a topic of its own, but oh well...)

    Glassed Silver:win
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    I hope that Apple will give AR a lot of love. It's an amazing technology. If anyone's interested, I've recently converted my game to use ARKit (also available on app store)
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    Is there any front end software that works with the Apple ARKit? Or do I need to work with a coder to build an app for our museum and outdoor displays to feature loading a 3d model and text? I'm a Graphic Designer and while I do 3D modeling I do not do app coding.

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