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Apr 12, 2001

Starting in December, Apple hosted a series of Apple TV Tech Talks for developers interested in creating apps for the new fourth-generation Apple TV. Hosted by "Apple experts," the Tech Talks took place in a number of cities around the world, including Toronto, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Cupertino, Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Not all developers were able to attend as Apple distributed tickets via a lottery system, but as of today, the videos from the Tech Talks are available on Apple's developer website.


There are 11 Tech Talk sessions available, covering the following topics:

[*]Session 1: Kickoff
[*]Session 2: Designing for Apple TV
[*]Session 3: Focus-Driven Interfaces with UIKit
[*]Session 4: Siri Remote and Game Controllers
[*]Session 5: On-Demand Resources and Data Storage
[*]Session 6: Media Playback
[*]Session 7: Introduction to TVMLKit
[*]Session 8: Best Practices for Designing tvOS Apps
[*]Session 9: Tuning Your tvOS App
[*]Session 10: The Top Shelf
[*]Session 11: App Store Distribution and Marketing

Each video is approximately a half hour long, with some that are as short as 20 minutes and others as long as 40 minutes. All the videos are accompanied by developer resources and full transcripts of what was covered in the session. Anyone interested in watching the videos can do so on Apple's developer website.

Article Link: Apple Shares Videos From Apple TV Tech Talks on Building Apps for tvOS


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Mar 7, 2007
Midwest America.
I was at the local Best Try, and I couldn't figure out how to make the new Apple TV work. No salesman I talked to could make it work either.

How do you choose a 'channel'? Is that disabled in the demo units?

Is there some dying need type of feature that the new one has that the old one won't/can't do? I realize it has 'local storage', but if that's the only feature, and an obviously tricked out remote, it's not enough to make me replace my five gen 3's. Heck, I finally got them all working flawlessly...


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Aug 9, 2008
I hope the folks at Amazon, SlingBox, and TabloTV watch these! (I know the Tablo folks are working on an app...but hurry it up already!)


Sep 4, 2009
How do you choose a 'channel'? Is that disabled in the demo units?
That is the beauty of Apple TV, there are no fixed channels. You the user determine the programming bundle by choosing apps. Like a specific network or show, download the app for it. Then you watch it at your leisure. I watched some of the Super Bowl off the NFL app with no need to flip to a cable TV channel.
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