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Apple Shares WWDC 2020 Apple Music Playlist for Developers


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Apr 12, 2001

During normal WWDC events, Apple often hosts a WWDC Bash for developers with a musical guest. In 2019, for example, Weezer performed at Discovery Meadow in San Jose, with Apple providing food and drinks.

The 2020 WWDC event is digital only with no in person gathering, so rather than offering a Bash, Apple has put together a WWDC20 playlist that developers can listen to.

Available on Apple Music, the playlist features artists like Glass Animals, Alicia Keys, Aurora, The Killers, and more.

Apple is also adding a new "Music to Code to" series that features multi-hour playlists with different musical styles and genres. The announcement article has highlights from developers who like to listen to music while coding, such as MacStories' Federico Vittici, who developed a MusicBot shortcut to speed up Music app interactions.
Others, like writer and Shortcuts developer Federico Viticci, have built entire projects around a love of music. In 2019, the Italian native designed and built a shortcut, MusicBot, that helps people listen to more of their library and speed up common Music app interactions.

"When developing MusicBot, I needed to test it with data that was easy to find in my music library," he told us. Viticci's choice: His "all-time favorite band," Oasis, whose myriad albums provided plenty of testing material.
The new playlist options are rolling out on Apple Music as of today.

Article Link: Apple Shares WWDC 2020 Apple Music Playlist for Developers

Mr. Awesome

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Feb 24, 2016
Idaho, USA
This is definitely new for Apple. I doubt I’ll like the music, but I’ll look through the playlists anyway.

EDIT: Apparently they did this last year as well, and I completely missed it.


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Jun 23, 2008
Shame about the lack of Heavy Metal 🤘, but finding the „Coding Energy“ playlist rather good for focus at work. Digging the electronics stuff. Bit of a change from my Lo-fi concentration playlist:)
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