Apple Shifts Towards Digital and Regional Ad Campaigns

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    Apple's shift towards regionally-focused digital and social media campaigns, and away from translating broader TV-focused campaigns for global markets, has led to layoffs and reorganizational efforts at its longtime global advertising partner TBWA\Media Arts Lab, according to Adweek.


    The agency's translation and transcreation teams were naturally among those hardest hit by the downsizing, the report claims. The exact number of employees laid off was not revealed, but the staff reductions are said to have occurred at TBWA's Los Angeles headquarters and other offices around the world.

    Nevertheless, the report said TBWA expanded other departments, most prominently digital and social media. The agency said its new operating model will allow it to "keep pace with the way people consume media and content," which increasingly involves platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube.
    A recent example of Apple's regional work is "Meu Bloco na Rua," a Brazilian Carnival-focused video promoting Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus. Apple shared the 90-second spot on its YouTube account in Brazil last week ahead of the Carnival beginning on the afternoon of February 24.

    Apple has also shared an increasing number of social-friendly 15-second ads on YouTube for products such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Just two days ago, Apple launched a series of new ads in which it promotes the iPad Pro and its features by responding to real tweets printed on large posters.

    Apple will continue to work with TBWA\Media Arts Lab in tandem with its growing in-house marketing team, the report said.

    Article Link: Apple Shifts Towards Digital and Regional Ad Campaigns
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    iPad Pro is better than a computer.

    Because if everyone buys an overpriced iPad instead of a computer Apple gets more money, therefore it's better (for them).
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    Eddy Cue basically said this when talking about TV ads at the Code Media conference (not the part about regional ads).
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    My favorite ads were the ones with the product turning around slowly on a white backdrop to music. iMac G3s spinning around
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    Hard to fathom one company can have that much effect downstream..... but good for TBWA they are trying to adjust by "keeping pace with the way people consume media and content."
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    Too bad they're already failing. Twitter is a dead platform for the demo they're targeting. Instagram and Snapchat are where those eyeballs are focused currently. Hell, just clicking that link is the first time I've been on twitter in months.
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    Any chance Apple can go back to making computers? iPhones and iPads are the big money makers but would it hurt one of the richest companies in the world, one that claims to still make laptops and desktops, to actually do so? If not, no biggie, just let everyone know you don't build those things anymore.
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    I said this a week prior to that airing!

    Apple's continued focus for larger sales, revenues in products yet more so in services is the direction for this. Translation alone doesnt convey subtleties and nuances let alone the proper native tongues that is required to send a powerful message theough that ties heavily into cultures. India will be the largest test for this.

    Education will bebthe largest push in various regional advertisement and entrenchment as itll naturally and organically push for services and product revenue.

    Education > iTunes U (regional) > iBooks (native language, culturally focus as well as education unifying practices licensing and education e.g.heart surgeon in India is no less licenced that a heart surgeon educated or practicing in the USA human hearts are the same globally) > laptops and ipad sales or donations in curriculum, retunrs loyal customers !!
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    Apple's TV adverts have been gradually getting worse since Cook took over.
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    Twitter is not their target, they aren't showing it on twitter.
  12. Avieshek, Feb 20, 2017
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    So basically, they are doing what they used to avoid.

    I believed, Apple had a hidden reason everytime but the reason is more likely being lazy and cutting costs, until now. Whether it be big-screened phones, wireless charging, OLED screens or these kind of region specific advertising and everything one would ever see. What comes from everywhere, eventually comes from Apple.
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    This is a smart move by Apple.

    Online advertising is completely measurable and it makes sense for a company selling consumer electronics to advertise on their customers' existing consumer electronics.

    For those reasons and many more, online advertising is far superior to traditional offline advertising such as huge billboards, radio ads, etc.

    You know down to which ad and which targeting is driving leads and sales. This is the stuff that me & my team do every day. (I own an online advertising agency:
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    Happens all the time at companies with one major client. Even the larger agencies will shut down/merge offices that have lost their major client.

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