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    Apple needs to adopt what Google is doing with respect to managing your music in their cloud service. Drop the $25 charge, let me upload my collection to iCloud, not the iTunes app. Just like the Google Play Music app let me log into the Apple Music app and manage my cloud music collection. Forget iTunes Match and having to upload via there. Forget charging us $25 when Google offers the same service for free.

    I'm still forced to use iTunes because I want to navigate my collection on my Apple Watch and Google Play Music still has no AW app currently.
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    u are uploading to the cloud with Apple, your just using iTunes app to do it instead of directly via the web browser.

    Different model... Google makes money from advertising ... Apple makes money from selling hardware, so must charge for services.

    I dunno how it would be different from copyright holders views, because it seems like the same from that point. Doesn't sound right. where u have both companies doing the same thing, same content, yet one charges, while the other doesn't, and copyright holders gets the same amount roughly across both. Guess it's just business.
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    Google is doing a very different thing though.

    Apple goes through your songs and its algorithms be like "Oh, it says "West End Girls (live – Pandemonium Tour)" – that must mean it's the single edit. Gotcha! No need to upload it again."

    Google plain uploads all your songs. If you have a glitch in your song, it will be uploaded with that glitch. From my testing Google has "matched" one song incorrectly: replacing album version of Janet Jackson's "No Sleeep" with single edit, which is identical except starts with fade-in. Everything else got uploaded correctly. And, yes, for free.

    Sadly when you enable Google Play Music paid service, Google decides to take a bite from Apple's tree and starts streaming its own versions instead of your uploads. Which I suppose has to do with copyright and deals with record labels, but also unfortunately doesn't work the way it should. Which is why I use Google as a backup and a handy way to listen to absolutely anything I own when I have an emergency need for that one 10" promo only remix of "It's Alright" ripped from cassette tape in 2001, but Spotify for streaming. And Spotify comes with its own emotional baggage.

    A truly perfect service still doesn't seem to exist and I am waiting for Apple to do it right simply because they have financial resources that Daniel Ek dreams about sometimes and then he wakes up screaming.

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