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Apple Shutting Down App Store Connect From December 23 to December 27


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple shuts down App Store Connect for a week around the holidays each year in an effort to give App Store staff time off from work. This year, App Store Connect will be unavailable from December 23 to December 27.

With App Store Connect unavailable, Apple will not accept new apps or app updates, so all pricing changes and new app submissions need to be locked in before those dates for developers who want to offer discounts or new app content over the December holidays.

Developers usually offer sales and promotions ahead of when the App Store closes for the holidays, and those sales remain available until the App Store re-opens in late December.

Though App Store submissions will be unavailable, other App Store Connect tools will remain accessible to developers throughout the holiday period.

Article Link: Apple Shutting Down App Store Connect From December 23 to December 27
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Jul 10, 2008
They're getting ready to pay that greedy Apollo app guy that juicy 85% rate
LOL, you make an awesome app that I'm actually happy to support! Great job, it's great to see a small developer succeed! It's the only app I actually recommend to others, and it is my highest usage app, by a long shot.
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Mar 20, 2016
Does Apple really think it is being nice by forcing all the App Store Connect staff to take holidays at a set time each year? Horrible and mean policy.


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Dec 9, 2011
I miss this old Apple promotion where they would gift you a different free app / movie every day for Christmas. That was fun
They also had free app (Paid app) giveaways in the Apple Store app (not the App Store). Usually browse through and see an icon for a free app.
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