Apple sim in iPad Air 2 more flexible?

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    About to purchase a new iPad Air 2 and saw it comes with the "new Apple SIM". If I understand correctly, the Apple SIM will allow use of any carrier. I have a Verizon iPhone and want an iPad that can use the same plan as iPhone, so I'm thinking the iPad Air 2 is the way to go. Seems as if this Apple SIM offers lot's of flexibility. I'm trying consolidate so all household voice and data use can be moved to one account. Any comments appreciated.
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    last time i heard the apple sim does not work with verizon, so no big deal you just need to go to the verizon store and get one of their sims

    stories say that if you sign up to AT&T it stays locked to AT&T and if you want to switch to a new iPad carrier, you have to buy a new apple sim , or get a new sim card ( i am only saying the apple sim card is locked ) no where am i saying this will lock the actual iPad. no one locks iPads.

    i been telling people to sign up the apple sim to t-mobile and get the 200 mb of free data for life, and then get another sim card on top of it haha

    with the apple sim you can go from T-Mobile to sprint and back, but you can't go to AT&T and back. and you can't sign up for verizon on it

    whats really good about the new iPad is it now has 20 LTE channels, meaning you can practically take it anywhere and use it on any LTE network, and not have to suffer a speed loss, like you have to put up with the old AT&T iPhone 5.

    don't misunderstand what i am saying. all i am saying is when you buy an iPad air 2, you can't use the apple sim to work on verizon. but all you have to do is get your hands on a verizon sim card, and it will work fine
    it will practically work fine with just about any sim card you throw in it

    if you are in a good t-moblle area. , they charge $20 for 1 gb. and 5 gigs for $40. if you pay $20 you get all the music freedom benefits on an iPad as you do on a phone, and you can stream all you want from a list of providers. and it won't affect your data plan

    also starting January , any paid iPad data rolls over to the next month if you do not use it

    if you go to select shop for plans, and select $20 for 1 gig it clearly says that you get roll over data, and i am not making this up. you might even get t-mobile's free 10 gigs of data on top of that

    if you only take the 200 mb of free data you do not get music streaming, and if you use up 200 mb the data is shut off for the rest of the month

    if you buy any paid data and that data is used up, you still get music streaming unthottled and regular iPad data is throttled for the rest of the month. and you are not charged for overages

    the great thing with an iPad is you can keep your reliable verizon plan on your phone but mess around all you want and try out all the other comapny's iPad plans!!!!!! because it is so flexible

    any plans should be selected on the iPad itself. i heard stories where people go to the cell phone store and ask for these plans, and they say something crazy like you have to buy a iPad from them to get it.

    i went to the AT&T store and i asked for a sim card so i can get the 1 gb for 90 days $25 plan they have for tablets, they looked at me like i was crazy
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    Thanks for sharing. T-mobile sounds like a good deal. Will check them out and also any deals there might be on existing accounts with Verizon.
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    I think the true potential of the apple sim will be realised later this year when operators around the world start to use it and the device locking feature is disabled by apple, permitting them to remove the SIM card tray so no mobile data roaming is ever needed on a cellular iPad - because you can just select a carrier from the country you're in, either just for that visit or a year contract you can re-use on any repeated visit without having to even find a mobile phone shop and buy a SIM card and find a paper clip!

    I hope this works on phones too eventually but how exactly this will work with your phone number changing is unclear at the moment and I expect this to be a few more years away. I suspect WiFi Calling and VoLTE will separate the voice/PSTN aspect from the data aspect of a mobile service. Allowing any data plan in any country to provide connectivity back to your home countries voice contract.

    5 years later: Configuring a voice service into the phone will be a bit like Skype and other proprietary services in that you would go into settings and login and there is an option to login to more than one. Then when you make a call from the built in phone app it would prompt for which one to use. But if you're in the UK and calling a UK number it would automatically chose to call from that voice contract / number and same for the US etc...

    Because this is separate from the data plan and there are no SIM cards, the phone can receive calls on either number without having to switch SIM cards or needing a dual SIM phone.

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