Apple spokesman confirming reception issue?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MacGiver, Jul 9, 2010.

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    An hour ago a french website informed that the Apple spokesman confirmed the SW fix will not fix the reception issue but just improve the bar accuracy display. This website does not mention their source so I would take this statement with caution.

    Translation from Bablefish (for what it worth)
    Bad news for the owners of iPhone4: it will be necessary to continue to hold its mobile in an odd way to make sure of a correct reception. Indeed, a spokesperson of Apple confirmed that a software corrective measure to come would not solve this problem but just that of the posting of the number of bars of reception to the screen. Confronted with many engineering problems since the launching of the iPhone 4, Apple is long in reacting and the fact sometimes oddly. Last example in date, the way in which Apple manages the polemic around problem of reception of the iPhone 4. After having explained, by the feather of Steve Jobs himself how this mobile had to be held, then promised a software corrective measure to solve the problem, the firm of Cupertino goes into reverse, explaining why this corrective measure would not improve the reception in hot area. As explained it a spokesperson of Apple to our fellow-members of, the corrective measure will just make it possible to correctly indicate to the screen the level of reception. A patch which thus seems more intended to correct a problem of posting than of communication of l' iPhone 4. A news which will not delight by the whole of the many American consumers who estimate themselves injured, most virulent having even launched an legal action against Apple. (EP)
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    I hate to sound harsh but well Duh.

    There's already a bunch of threads that "apple" confirmed that its a hardware issue.

    Heck, I was at an apple store last weekend and the saleswoman said the said thing. Nobody is believing apple's lame attempt to explain away the controversy with a software patch.

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