Apple stock a good buy?


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Nov 24, 2006
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Hey friends,

What do you think, is the fear of a virus pushing apple stock down below what it should be after a record breaking earnings report?


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Oct 15, 2019
I think we are in a bit of a tech bubble at the moment. Not saying prices are going to crash tomorrow or even next week/month, but I would expect at some point within the next year or so.

smart money is investing in commodities like precious and base metals. My portfolio is up 75% in just over 3 months, and a lot of my shares are still heavily undervalued.

DYOR do your own research :)


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A little bit is fine, but never, ever put all your eggs in one basket (stock/sector/class). That's why I'm mostly in mutual funds. (Some have Apple.)

For something like this, be ready to loose money in the short term and be ready to hold on to it for the long term to ride it out.

(I also don't like commodities - poor performance over the long term. But you ask 10 investors, you'll get 15 opinions.)

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Feb 16, 2018
Internet Rule #1: Don't ask medical questions on the Internet.

Internet Rule #2: Don't ask financial questions on the Internet.

"Diversification is a necessity for the beginner." -Gerald M. Loeb (founding partner of E.F. Hutton & Co.)

His book The Battle for Investment Survival --while dated -- is still a very worthwhile read. The general concepts are all still applicable as is his wisdom and sense.

Careful selection of individual issues is the domain of experienced investors. If you need to ask if [Company X] is a good investment, the answer is likely NO.

Start with market index ETFs like SPY, QQQ and mix in funds that cover emerging markets, Europe, etc. Throw in a bond fund or two like BND, TIPS, JNK, etc.

Commodities are pretty squirrelly. If you invest in commodities, you will need to PAY ATTENTION very closely and very frequently. You will also need to understand that the US sending drones to Iraq will likely affect oil prices, stuff like that.

There are many newer investment tools (like inverse leveraged 3x sector ETFs) that didn't exist when Loeb was alive.

Not every investor can allocate the proper amount of time for active investing. Much of your success will be tied to how much attention and care you put into investing.

All that said, AAPL is probably a decent investment but not because I nor anyone else here says so. You can consider AAPL a decent investment because Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger think so.
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Oct 15, 2019
Would WB and CM be willing to buy so much of AAPL at today’s prices? Probably not. They are up significantly from their initial positions. Being willing to ‘hold’ a stock you already own and is up a lot, is a lot different from being willing to ‘buy’ they same stock, at the current price.

Talking about those two, they are holding huge amounts of cash (something like $100 billion) ready to pounce after the next major stockmarket crash.

For now commodities have huge potential especially for precious metals like palladium which has been in a supply deficit for years.

Gold and silver also perform very well during times of economic uncertainty (market crashes, wars, etc). QE quantitive easing devalues fiat/paper, and investors buy gold and silver instead to protect the value of their wealth.

Base metals are used for batteries for all the electronics and EV’s that will be produced instead of traditional oil powered vehicles.

The easiest way to invest in commodities is through mining companies or ETF’s.

Different markets/sectors have their own phase during the global economic cycle. Tech companies are reaching their peak of their cycle.

My previous message was posted at 4am UK time and I was indeed up 75% in 3 months. Right now, at 8pm UK time (of the same day), I am now 100% up (doubled my money).