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Jul 11, 2003
Apple Announces Two-for-One Stock Split

PR Newswire 8:30 am February 11, 2005

Apple(R) announced today that its Board of Directors has approved a two-for-one split of the Company's common stock and a proportional increase in the number of Apple common shares authorized from 900 million to 1.8 billion. Each shareholder of record at the close of business on February 18, 2005 will receive one additional share for every outstanding share held on the record date, and trading will begin on a split-adjusted basis on February 28, 2005.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Today, Apple continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning desktop and notebook computers, OS X operating system, and iLife and professional applications. Apple is also spearheading the digital music revolution with its iPod portable music players and iTunes online music store.

NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, Mac and Mac OS, are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

SOURCE Apple Computer, Inc.


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Sep 18, 2004
JzzTrump22 said:
Hmm, i think i found something to finally invest my money in.
Finally? It's not like Apple just became a strong stock! Besides, a split is not an indication that a stock will go up in value, so don't use that as your only criteria.


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Aug 5, 2003
Thank god I own some stock. Its basically so they can drive down the price because they feel its going to keep going up. So people would rather buy more at a lower price than a few at a high price, so hopefully wall street takes notice and Apple becomes a stock in doing well section, not the oh my god, don't touch it section it was in over a year ago.


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Jan 24, 2005
JzzTrump22 said:
Hmm, i think i found something to finally invest my money in.
Be sure that when you invest in a company you do it for more than just the fact that it's stock is splitting. For every company who's stock has split and done well there are hundreds who split and no longer are listed or even exist. And on the opposite end of the spectrum there are companies who NEVER split Berkshire Hathaway yet are very popular and do well.
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