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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BOSS10L, Jul 26, 2008.

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    So I won't go into the whole long, drawn-out situation that brought me to owning a 3G iPhone today, but I did want to take a second and pay respect to the wonderful employees of the Eastview Mall (Victor, NY) Apple Store. I called this (Saturday) morning at about 9:40 to see if they had any 3Gs in stock, expecting them to tell me "No" and to "Call back tomorrow".

    Lo and behold, they said they indeed have some in stock. So I pack the family up in the car at record pace, scoot to the mall (20 minutes away) and walk into the Apple store. I attempt to purchase my White 16GB 3G and of course we can't do that because of the FAN on our account. Luckily, the AT&T store is just a bit down in the mall, so we run over there very quickly to get it taken care of. In the meantime, my sales associate (sorry guy, I completely forgot your name), set my iPhone aside for me to make sure nobody else scarfed it up.

    We get the FAN taken off over at AT&T, run back to the Apple store, and yet again, AT&T is giving me headaches, with the little scanner Point Of Sale (POS) thing telling him that I am not elligible to upgrade, when it is obvious that I am because I am a grandfathered, or legacy 1st Gen iPhone customer. The system will allow me to buy, but only at the full $499 price (not just no, but hell no). So he then attempts to get in contact with AT&T's CS resps, and they give him the runaround.

    I tell him that no matter what, I'm leaving with the phone. I said I'd pay full boat if need be and then I'd fight with AT&T over the difference if need be. Finally, he gets ticked off, pulls out the big guns, and gets one of his higher-ups to authorize an Apple gift card for the difference between the "upgrade" and the "full" pricing. Which means Apple is eating the cost, but I'm sure will work it out with AT&T in the wash somewhere.

    I just thought it was cool that Apple stepped up. Even though I'm sure in the big scheme of things it was nothing, it meant something to me that they were willing to take this one on the chin now, fight it out with AT&T elsewhere, just to make sure that the customer is able to walk out of the store with the product they came to buy at the price they came to buy it at.

    So here's to you, Eastview Mall Apple Store. You guys rock! AT&T, not so much. Must be because I mentioned yesterday that we've been with them for over a decade with no issues. Spoke too soon I guess. :mad:
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    I have to tell you, im glad that you got your phone, but it does not suprise me about the rep from At&t. That is exactly the reason that I dont want to switch from t-mobile to At&t. When I used to work from (the most reliable network) lol (At&t's biggest competitor), we were told by our higher ups to make sure the customer did not have a balance, make sure they were 1000% ready to upgrade,not a minute before, and try to upsell them on plan and features. Now it didnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that along those guidelines, there would be turmoil. I can't tell you the amount of days that I went home and swallowed half a bottle of advil to get rid of my headache, because I had customers yelling at me and cursing because we wouldn't budge on our prices or early upgrading people. I must have heard 10 times a day
    " i have been with you guys for years "
    " i spend $650.00 a month and you guys wont let me get a phone early"
    " If it werent for me the customer, you wouldnt have a job"

    I realize that the service providers take a hit in the cost of the handsets, but they make it back plus 40% in the service.
    I also will say that when I got my original iphone, the rep at the Apple Store in the Palm Beach Gardens mall that I dealt with was awesome. He held me an 8GB iphone while I drove to pick it up, and actually gave me a 25% discount on my accessories because of the drive I made (about an hour, closer store was sold out).

    Sorry to hi-jack your thread, but congrats on the new phone.
    I will most deffinately get a 16GB white when I can unlock it for t-mobile!
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    Jan 13, 2008
    Upstate NY
    Not at all. Like I said, this is the first issue we've had with AT&T in over 10 years of service with them. Everything has been flawless. Signal is strong, bill is always right and the Customer Service Reps have always been uber helpful and friendly.

    Apple stepped up so it is a moot point. I always like to give kudos where they are warranted though. My biggest regret is not remembering his name. I plan on going back this weekend to look at the :apple:TV anyway, hopefully he'll be working again. :)

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