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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's online stores around the world are currently down for maintenance, and it is widely believed that the company is rolling out updated MacBook Pro models.

AppleInsider reports that it has received last-minute information from a source that has proved reliable in the past showing model numbers and partial descriptions for six new MacBook Pro models spanning all three existing sizes. According to the report, the base configuration models will utilize processors ranging from 2.4 GHz to 2.66 GHz, with 4 GB of RAM standard across the board.


The processor speeds included in the report suggest that Apple may be using Intel's new Core i5-520M (2.4 GHz), i5-540M (2.53 GHz) and i7-620M (2.66 GHz). Those chips were introduced in January had been rumored last month to be in short supply as Intel struggled to meet demand.

Sources for today's report have also indicated that Apple may be using three different screen types on the new MacBook Pro models, although no detail is provided beyond their descriptions of Glossy, High Resolution Glossy, and High Resolution Glossy with Anti-Glare. Finally, a source has indicated that Apple may offer solid-state drives of up to 512 GB with the update, up from a maximum of 256 GB in current models.

Article Link: Apple Store Down for Updates, MacBook Pro Refresh Specs Leaked?


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Jun 15, 2004
Seems like there are dual cores and not quads on the high end.
The real question now is what they have done with the graphics


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Jan 22, 2009
U, S, and A
Apple online store currently offline

Hopefully this update will include firm ship dates for the iPad 3G, but I'm sure it's really the update for the MBPs.


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Apr 13, 2010
Glad macrumors decided to join in on this big event...We've all only known about for hour now!

Come on MBP!!! Wooo!!!!:eek::):eek::rolleyes::cool::p:D;):apple:


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Nov 20, 2009

I see "SD" after all of them except the 17. Does SD stand for SuperDrive? If so, it seems our 17 has lost its optical drive, and I'd be way more than okay with that!


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Oct 28, 2009
Maximum SSD size of 256MB? ORLY? I fit 64x more than that on my postage-stamp-sized SD card...


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Apr 26, 2005
These updates are long overdue! Looking forward to replacing my current MBP :apple:


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Jun 1, 2007
[...] Finally, a source has indicated that Apple may offer solid-state drives of up to 512 GB with the update, up from a maximum of 256 MB in current models. [...]

... up from a maximum of 256 GB ... i guess ;)

I mean SL has a small footprint on the HDD, but 256 MB ...


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Mar 19, 2010
forgive me for my lack of knowledge on this, but the way they explained it in the post, it appears that the 15" would have the i7 and the higher 2.66Ghz than the 17", am I reading it wrong and since when have you been able to configure a 15" to be more powerful than a 17"? :confused: I've had a 17" late 2007 MBPro since October 2007 and CAN'T go down to 15" now that I've had a 17" but with my high end audio / video work, I want the most powerful workhorse I can get my hands on and that BETTER be a 17"! Maybe I'll just wait to see how they REALLY pan out on Apple's site before I get all worried. :rolleyes:


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Jan 15, 2009
i7 13 inch MacBook pro= sweeeeet!

Hoepfully there will be graphic card improvements too. Nvidia optimus fast switching with G310 or higher. Then I will buy that.
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