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    I usually don't ever post on a forum, or heck for that matter even consider writing on one. After my experience today at my "sort of" local Apple Store, I felt I needed to post my experience on here just incase someone near Charlotte was looking to buy an Apple product. This isn't a bitch, rant or some long narrative about how I feel wronged or expect something in return.

    On the 24th, my wife and I bought our very first Macs and after debating the pros and cons of going to Best Buy Vs. Apple to buy our computers. After some thought we had chosen to go to Apple because I had a pretty cool experience when I bought my iPad there. So we made our 1 1/2 trip to Charlotte with excitement.

    Well even with getting there at 10:30 we had to wait a while. My wife decided to get a 13" Macbook Pro and was helped pretty quickly (Jason helped her). I had a 12:15 appointment to get my iPad looked at (Maps, Safari, and YouTube keeps force closing), so I waited until after to decide what I was going to get(couldn't afford a Mac and a new iPad). Well the store was about an hour behind on appointments so we waited some more. After my iPad was looked at and I decided on an 21.5" iMac, and I got in "line".

    While we were waiting, I sat and listed to a lady name Mary feed line after line to customers that made you feel like you were sitting in a car dealership.
    You know where your about to start the paperwork or such and you over hear a conversation where some poor sap is getting taken to the cleaners and you think " I'm not how sure I'm getting screwed today but I know that guy is."

    I sat an watched her deal with two guy that were trying to get a deal. So she said "let me check with my manager," left and came back and said "we'll since you buying it for your daughter in college, my manager will let you get a $100 rebate on a printer." What?! We all know anyone that has clicked on the Apple site know about that. It was great seeing the customer call her bluff and letting her know that it must have been "such a great deal" because the greeter informed him of it as well.

    Another girl had come into the store to replace her Macbook Pro that she spilled water on. She was blessed to have Mary as her rep. Mary once again had a "great deal" that she had to go check with her manager on. When she came back and the girl showed her student ID to Mary she offered her $80 off the AppleCare(student discount) to replace the AppleCare she already had(Yes I know it doesn't cover incidental damage), and the AMAZING rebate on the printer.

    After listening to this my wife and I really started feeling like going there was a bad idea, and maybe we should go to Best Buy to get my iMac. Well I have bought to many PC from BB to finally know that is a bad idea. So we waited and waited some more to find out that some one had cleared us out of line.

    Finally we were helped by Danielle around 2:30ish. I told her what I was wanting to get, and she asked me if I wanted a printer. I said that I would like one with the AirPrint features and she brings out an HP 3054. I questioned the printer because online it is not listed as an AirPrint printer, and showed her. Well it about near knocked her socks off because she say that her management had instructed them that they were AirPrint printers.

    After that we decided just to get the iMac a student copy of Adobe CS5 and just get out of there. She was kind enough to help carry the items to our car as I am disabled and walk with a cane.

    Over the weekend of using my new iMac, I really started to not like it. I was coming from a laptop to a desktop but that wasn't the issue. It was the wear and tear that sliding a mouse all around was doing on me, and causing pain in my arms. I started to look into the Magic Trackpad and saw that had I ordered the iMac online, I would have had a chance to request the Trackpad. Well I went into Charlotte today for some errands and stopped to find out.

    I went into the Apple Store and explained to the greeter that I didn't like the Magic Mouse and I was wondering if I would be allowed to exchange it for a Magic Trackpad. The greeter went to ask a manager, who I later found out was named Joe, the senior manager. After a few minutes the greeter came back and said that I could only have done that at the time of purchase. I asked the greeter if I could "return" my iMac(I had the receipt on my iPad and the mouse with me) and do the exchange. He again said that it was only at the time of purchase.

    This didn't sit to well with me, and politely asked to speak to the manager. Not because it wasn't what I wanted to hear, just if that was the case, the Trackpad would have been offered. I don't know about most people but I would have taken it and got a $40-$50 bluetooth mouse had I not liked it.

    The greeter went back and let Joe know that I would like to speak to him. Well either Joe was having a bad day or I wasn't that big of a concern at that moment because he mumbled that he would be with me in a minute as he blew by. Well a minute turned into 30. The greeter noticed that I was still sitting there and asked if I had been seen by Joe yet. I told him no, that he had blown by and I guess I wasn't important at the moment.

    The greeter was kind enough to go and get another manager and Bob came out. I explained to Bob what my concern was, the pain issues I was having with a mouse and asked since Joe said it had to be done at the time of purchase can I "repurchase" my iMac. I also asked if it wasn't an option if there may be a student discount he might be able to offer on the trackpad.
    Also the things that bothered my wife and I a few days before, were not mentioned at all.

    Bob solidified my family as an Apple family when he helped me with getting the mouse exchanged for a trackpad. It is a small thing, and I would have paid for it if there was no option, but to listen and understand how something simple as a mouse can make the Mac experience not up to par is priceless. Now I know that had I bought a PC desktop I would have a mouse and no choice of a trackpad to use in place of a mouse. I also would have boxed it back up and returned it.

    I have found more people in the Apple Store that have been helpful than almost every other retailer I frequent combined. (Heck, one time my wife went to by CoD:MW2 so she could play with me online, and he wouldn't sell it to her because "Girls don't play those games." Can't get worse than that.) For the most part you find that same spirit on this forum. And while there is a Mary everywhere you go, you also have a Jason, Danielle, and Bob to help you too.

    I just hope that Apple users like me who have gone from an iPod or an iPad to getting a Mac and become part of this community, appreciate the dedication and love for this community that most have. For those who help us and post great information, thank you.
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    Interesting story, but sir you seems showing off names out of nowhere. I didn't know who was Jason, Mary, Danielle and others ... No problem though, just saying :D .. Still interesting story.

    I see your complaint about Magic Mouse, yes it is a cute looking mouse, but not work as well as it looks :p

    If you order online (like me) however, you'd have the option to pick Magic TrackPad instead, at no additional cost of course. With some luck people (like you) can exchange the standard Magic Mouse with Magic TrackPad in-store .. Some even say may get both for free, but not all people can get it, it's all about luck.

    Congrats on your iMac purchase, but IF you weren't allowed to exchange that Magic Mouse, you wouldn't have to be worried anyway. You can always sell MagicMouse on eBay or something, many people still wants it, no matter how bad they are really :mad: (just because it has :apple: logo on it) .. After that you can get TrackPad from the money.

    My suggestion, best combination is Magic TrackPad + ergonomic regular mouse (Ironically, Microsoft makes much better mouse). TrackPad is useful for gestures and some browsing, but really bad too when it comes to precision pinpoint like image/video editing or even gaming. While your mouse filling the gap for precision needs, TrackPad can always come handy at times.

    70% regular mouse + 30% Trackpad for all usage time .. that's all you need for maximum pleasure :D

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