Apple store fixed my mac mini for free!!

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Roofy., Aug 14, 2010.

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    So a few months back my old mac mini decided to crap out on me and I was computer-less for those few months. Since my money situation isnt too good right now (unemployed, live at my grandmas and my dad supports me. Im 21 btw) I didnt bother getting it fixed until recently. Keep in mind the computer is out of warranty and I dont have Apple Care. So I eventually took it to the apple store and they said the logic board was fried and possibly the ram. They quoted me at $317 for a new logic board. I told them I'll give it a wait because I cant afford it. So a few weeks later I decide to go back and ask if I can get it done for a cheaper price. They told me they can do it for $217 with just the logic board replaced and if it needs ram they will tell me. They end up calling me telling me to pic it up and that the price is $377. I told them no, they told me they'll do it for 217. She tells me they had to replace the ram as well and thats why the price was higher. So I told her that as long as the computer still works with the old ram just put back the old ram and Ill pay the $217....

    So I get a call back today saying I can pick it up. I ask them just to make sure how much the price was. She says no charge. So im of course confused and ask to speak to the person who repaired it. She tells me that since mac mini's are hard to open and shouldnt be opened a bunch of times that they just left it with the new logic board and ram and decided to do it for free given the small hassle I had with them. I couldnt believe it! It was a $377 dollar job and they just let it slide.

    TL;DR.............. I had an out of warranty mac mini with a fried ram and a fried logic board and the apple store repaired it for free!
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    This is why apple are awesome ;)

    Glad to hear it all worked out though.

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