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    First off, let me start by summarizing Apple's sitution in Turkey;

    -iTunes store only for apps
    -No stores, online store, customer support, music store etc…
    -Two distributers, in contract with Apple Europe Ltd.
    -everything is overpriced
    -Products are coming in too late, almost becoming outdated.

    So in Turkish tech sites, rumors of Apple planning to open an official Apple Store in Turkey along with music and movies store here in Istanbul are coming up every once in a while. Most recent rumor was based on Apple signing distributorship with the second company in Turkey after years working with only one and Apple looking for 4 corporate employees in Turkey from their official website corporate jobs section.

    I, personally as a long time Turkish Apple customer long for that day. Can't Apple see the potential here?? Even with everything being so bad, Apple sells pretty good here. Employees in stores of reseller distributers really suck, i know a lot more about Apple products then them. Technical support or apple care doesn't exist.

    I've heard the iTunes music and movie store rumor on an international site also (apple planning to launch iTunes store in in India, Saudi Arabia, Crotia and Turkey)

    What are your thoughts on this? Apple would make a great retail store in Istanbul's beautiful place Taksim with all historic looking buildings. Also save us from the agony of overpriced products, bad customer support and outdating of new products. They're expanding their retail store around the world, why not Turkey?
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    So obviously this store is going to open, my calls have been answered.*TUR&pN=0

    After the job postings, i've seen in some Turkish new sites that Apple is going to open 3 stores at once that are one of the biggest in Europe (1500 meter square) on 3rd quarter of 2013 and 2 of them will be in brand new malls that are not even open yet but in central and nice locations. But then again they are "malls"

    I thought Apple didn't favour malls when they're opening stores especially if those are the first stores in the country. I was expecting a street store with great architecture and in central, busy streets. Like 5th Avenue store, barcelona pasaig de gracia store, covent garden store etc...

    The news sites (a whole bunch of them) says location for the 3r store is unknown and i think that may be a street store but what is Apple's tendency on these situations?

    Thanks for your answers.
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    Nov 21, 2012

    what do you think about exact start-up time of that planning official apple-store ? and I'm wondering what will be prices of macbooks ?

    I'm wondering actual what will be price in TRY of the 15-inch 2.3 ghz macbook pro with retina display, which costs £1,799.00 as can be seen below in the link.

    I really need some information beacuse I'm thinking of buying a retina macbook pro at these days.

    thanks for your thread. I'm from Ankara btw.

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