Apple Store Job - Resume for Multiple Positions (and critiquing?)?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by applefan1997, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Yes, I know this must be the 104th thread on Apple Store Jobs, but i really cant find an answer to MY question.

    I'm looking for a job in either the Specialist OR Genius positions, and i've applied at 9 locations, which makes for a total of 18 applications.

    However, I'm led to believe that you need to apply for specific stores and positions, which the online system pretty much doesn't support.

    As of now, my resume is basically selling myself for TWO positions, and I was wondering if it was acceptable.

    Also, when uploading the resume, do I need to include the cover letter? I'm confused because the applications has a copy/paste section for the CL and the resume, whereas the upload functions asks for a resume.

    While we're on the subject, would anyone care to critique my resume?

    (Cover Letter)


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    Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

    Tks again and pls keep posting.

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    EDIT- Why bring up this old thread?! I spent some time working on a reply for this guy. Well I'll leave my comments anyway incase they are useful to others. :confused:

    I've never applied to an Apple Store, or tech job. So bear that in mind, but I have applied to graduate recruitment schemes so have lots of experience writing this stuff, so I hope I can help. I would certainly add the cover letter as well, just a resume seems a bit blunt. I don't think applying for two jobs is a problem, they are broadly similar. I'd mention what you like about each one, which lets them know you have done some research and are not just applying for any job you can get.

    Cover letter

    I don't like the recruiters/managers. I'd pick one.

    I really wouldn't say "no formal retail experience"! Just ignore the issue in the letter and mention your strengths.

    "I also understand that in addition to any familiarity and admiration for Apple and its culture, a positive work ethic and ability to create relationships with the consumer is equally important, which I also believe I possess." I like what this paragraph is trying to say, but it doesn't flow. Maybe re-word slightly.

    You mention you contact details at the top, then spell them out at the end again. Maybe just say I can be contacted at the number and email address above?

    "I truly thank you". Why truly? Are you suggesting that you might falsely thank them?! I'd drop the truly.


    Rather than qualifications maybe skills/qualities? I'd say qualifications are certificates, but qualities are about you and your life.

    You list your responsibilities and put answering the phone at the top. I'd put meeting with prospective buyers at the top, this is most impressive so I'd draw the attention to that.

    I would write "academic and personal references available on request" at the bottom.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you, iStudentUK! These was totally helpful to me! Both posts were :)

    I'm preparing to apply for an Apple Retail job here in my area, and your posts and critiques were exactly what I've been looking for all night! Thank you very much!
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    At least it helped someone! :D
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    Come back when you get a college education... esp if its for higher level positions such as Manager or Genius.. Do you enjoy being paid min wage?

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