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Oct 12, 2011
have 42mm space grey with grey pin.

So lets get rant out of the way, i have own watches all my life and dont tell me out all the color discoloration inside the bands. ( i know its normal ) i have own ss and gshocks and a gold watch. i see no reason why my band would do it in less than 1 day (about 2-3 hrs into i saw it).

so i went back to store and managers were surprised and feel bad about it but they were sad since didnt have it in stock so they offer me a color choice to a different color bands like white or blues and stuff. so i ask manager is that the only option and he said nah man. ill can you give store credit for the full value of band and you can choose any band of the store you want but we dont have anything in stock except color sports (no blacks) so you have to order it online. so they tooked my black band and gave me 53bucks credit and gave my watch back.

so i choose blue leather and ordered it and it should be here thursday and lol in that process we forgot the my m/l band that was in my case and i remember half way to home and called store and manger was cool about and said just keep it lol.

now im here with just m/l band and no locking clasp so yeah whtups :)


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Oct 12, 2011


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Sep 15, 2011
Vilano Beach, FL
So in re-reading this: black sports has an issue, manager gives him a credit equivalent to buying it separate (even though it came packaged with the SG Sport watch), OP used credit to buy a leather band.

Regardless of the language, it seems like a nice outcome and solid CS from that Apple store. :)
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Mar 10, 2010
Toronto, Canada
Something interesting to note:

My black sports band was showing the exact same signs of wear after a couple of days, I thought it was permanent damage (casual rubbing with fingers or running under the tap wouldn't remove the damage). This concerned me as I was selling the watch on, but luckily I realized that rubbing these marks firmly with a glasses cloth (or the little black cloth Apple provides with a new iMac) actually rubs these marks away!

NOTE: YES, I do know what these marks are, no I'm not confused! This is separate to the flaking/delamination issue on early bands.


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Oct 11, 2005
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