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    There is a sign and staff are telling customers that the Natick Collection store will be closed October 12 to the ~16th (don't remember the exact reopen date) for renovation. There are several Apple stores in the this market with Natick being the second youngest (Boston being the youngest) therefore it seems odd this one would be singled out for renovations.

    It is possible it could be for expansion as it is a moderately sized store and very busy. Personalized shoppers can often be found assisting customers outside the store in the mall. Then again, expansion does not seem likely as there are tenants on either side and it is larger than the closest Apple store which is in Chestnut Hill and many of the requests heard in store are for another location west of Natick in the Worcester market (the Worcester market be dead to Apple—it is pretty well known the malls in this market are doing very poorly and have some of the worst income $/sq. ft. in the industry).

    Apple may have learned something from this store. One of the most frequently heard complaints about this store is that it is too loud. This is what I believe is a second generation store. It does have some problems with its shelving. Product is too high for most customers and employees. The entire shelf where iPods are displayed recently became separated from the wall and several customers lost their balance either falling into or grabbing other customers. Also, the store has had bad luck with its POS system. Lines, or the line, for checkout have been very long as they have been having problems with the portable system that employees use throughout the store and customers have to line up in a single line which is often a dozen or more people.

    It does seem the store needs some updates but just in case let's just fantasize a moment and postulate this has something to do with forthcoming updated hardware. What could we expect?
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    they said the stock room was inadequate or antiquated. i actually think it suffers from the hvac problem of the tysons corner store - it smells like crap.

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