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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Itsedstech, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Alright guys I'm in a predicament and need some advice! so lets get started....
    I pre-ordered the iPhone on pre-order day, it arrived to my house on launch day, smooth sailing so far, immediately noticed wifi reception was 1-2 bars worse then my 5s or my cousins iPhone 6, and reachability would stop working until i would reset the phone and then work for a couple hours and same thing. So i called up apple and they set up a genius appointment for me this past wednesday. Went in, genius said that my antenna was probably just not as good as the rest but that it passed the test so he can't replace it, but that for the reachability he can. So i signed the stuff or what not but he said he had no service replacement units available for another week. So i drove back an hour and a half home.

    The following morning on thursday i called apple and asked why could i just not get a complete phone with new box and everything since its only a few days old and they had a bunch of stock of my model, the guy confirmed over the phone that the genius should of done that, so he called the apple store and had them hold one for me for the next day. I go in friday (yesterday) and arrive at 4:30 or so, I ask to speak to a manager like the guy told me on the phone. fast forward about 45 minutes and i finally get to speak to someone, they grab my phone from the back then pass me on to a regular employee, i over heard him tell someone that he was new. So anyway he returns my other phone and starts scanning this one, but it won't let it go through since I didn't have my upgrade back yet, So i call att and ask them to process the upgrade eligibility, she asks to speak to the apple guy and they exchange information and what not to make sure i did return the phone but the call dies. The guy tells his manager that he wants to go on break and she (the sales team manager) tells me since the upgrade might take a couple of minutes that he will go on break then check back with me..... So 20 or so minutes pass and he comes back, still not eligible. He tries to process the transaction over and over again but no go. Finnaly the apple sales guy calls att again and somehow gets them to activate the sim card inside the sealed iPhone I'm supposed to receive.But since its still saying I'm not eligible he can't give it to me. He takes about half an hour trying to figure out how to get me another sim card. He ends up talking to the store manager (I'm guessing) and the store manager calls att, and tells me while he's on hold that if att doesn't have a response for me within 10 minutes he's gonna have to ask me to leave. at this point I've been there about 3 hours. He ends up telling me that att says a reversal can take up to 3 days and tells me to check back every day with att. I leave phoneless.

    so this morning i called att and they told me the next "upgrade" had been reversed but that somehow apple activated me on a 2 year contract, so now I'm phoneless on a 2 year contract and att can't do anything about it. I called apple first thing this morning and the guy will not transfer me to a manager whatsoever over the phone, he keeps saying the manager is busy. Told me that i would get a call back early afternoon. It is now 6 pm and I haven't received anything. Any advice guys?
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    First of all, it would be much easier to understand your predicament if you used paragraphs.
    They were invented for a reason.

    Secondly, I would go down to an ATT corporate store and not leave until you had an answer to your problem.
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    I would resolve this with Apple. As far as AT&T is concerned, you bought an iPhone at Apple and you signed up for a 2 year contract. It is an option in Apple's prompt when they are selling an iPhone (contract or not).

    1) Make sure there your AT&T eligibility is reset if it can be. If AT&T says you used your upgrade and signed up for a contract, fine. Move to Apple.
    2) You need to get Apple to reverse everything. Stay calm and explain to them what happened. Make sure they reverse your two year contract. Either the employee signed you up for a contract without your knowledge (illegal), or you signed up for one due to a communication error with the Apple employee, or the Apple/AT&T conversation in the store somehow got you into a 2 year contract.

    In any event, Apple needs to fix this. I would try to resolve it with the manager if possible. If they are not being helpful, ask for the contact information for the district manager because according to AT&T you were signed up with a 2 year contract without your consent and you believe this is illegal. That will get the ball moving. I would not try to escalate right away because they will not want to help you if you're being a jerk.

    Good luck.

    Edit: My answer is predicated on AT&T truthfully telling you that you are now on a 2 year contract. That piece of information is crucial. Make sure you have that 100% confirmed from AT&T.
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    Holy mother of God.

    Maybe you should spend a little less time worrying about iPhones and a little more time attending a writing for comprehension class.
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    Sorry, english is my second language, no excuse i know. Ill go back and revise it.


    Thanks for the actual helpful information man. Yeah i checked my att online account today and it says I'm eligible for an upgrade in 2016. and they even said that the etf would be full since i just started a contract yesterday.
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