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Aug 3, 2005
I’m unsure of where else to post this, but this forum seems the best fit… even though it’s “disposal advice” which I’m seeking rather than buying advice.

I’m emigrating shortly and have a bunch of old-ish Apple kit in varying conditions that I want to offload pretty quickly. Most of it isn’t fit for eBay, so I’m going to take it all to my nearest Apple Store for them to recycle (I don’t expect to get “trade in” value on any of it!)

I guess I’m just looking for any experiences on doing this via an Apple Store? Is it worth making a ‘Genius’ appointment, or should I just turn up with the goods? Will they even accept what I have for recycling? I’m in the UK if that makes any difference!

As I say, I don’t expect any trade-in value, but for reference, I have:

* 2 x 9.7 iPad Pro Wi-Fi 2016 model (Both with badly cracked screens but pretty much fully functional otherwise)

* An iPhone 4S (It works to a point, although is ‘quirky’ and showing signs of wear - Wi-Fi chip is a bit iffy)

* 2 x iPhone 6S Plus (One 64Gb, one 16Gb) - Both functional to a point, although both have battery issues due to age. One of them is also a bit more “beaten up” and the case is chipped, home button loose, etc

* iMac 20” (Early 2009) - Powers up and runs okay, although was downgraded to just 2Gb RAM due to a problem with the original memory sticks (Not sure exactly what happened - It was our former “family” Mac but was abandoned for a few years until it came into my possession). Otherwise seems in okay condition, although is missing the panel covering the memory slot at the bottom! Will they even accept this?! I know it’s not exactly an SE/30 but a 2009 model is still pretty elderly at this point.

Any thoughts appreciated! Taking direct to Apple for recycling strikes me as the ‘cleanest’ and probably quickest solution, so if you have any experience of the process, let me know!


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Jun 21, 2014
I would check on Apple's website, as some of those items you may be eligible for a small trade in value (20-40 quid)


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Oct 28, 2008
I am here in UK and yes Apple Stores will take your old Apple equipment whatever state it is in and will recycle it for you.

age / non functional just means that wouldn’t get any trade in value however as said not a concern not losing anything.

however would suggest that book appointment rather then just turn up with your gear.
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