Apple Store Replaced my iphone 5 and now VZW sees it as a Non Verizon Phone!

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by jaybar, Oct 7, 2012.

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    The apple store graciously replaced my verizon phone under applecare+ because of a loose battery. They activated the phone. However, when I go into MY VERIZON MOBILE, the device is listed as a non-verizon phone! It no-longer says iPhone 5, in their application. The phone runs fine on verizon's network. Apple says they provide a compatable phone and that it is up to Verizon to change things so their system recognizes the phone as a verizon phone. Is this actually the case? In trhe "real word", does it matter that the phone is listed as a non-verizon phone, since it runs fine? Are there any trade-in consequences, when I upograde next year?


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    If everything works fine I wouldnt worry about what its listed as under your verizon mobile site.
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    This happened to me and if it is on your primary line, you can not make plan changes (such as changing shared data). After the second replacement phone, my VZW sales person called into VZW customer care and found out there is an internal form that will set the device up as a Verizon device. They said 24-48 hours and it would be all set.

    I logged back into my Verizon account 24 hours later and the problem was resolved.

    It literally took me bringing an out of the box, unactivated replacement phone and new sim to the Verizon store to validate it was a Verizon device and once he made the call, I was all set.

    You can try calling customer support and letting them know but it might be better having a Verizon store employee to do it.
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    I'm going through this issue after a replacement too except because of it I lost my unlimited data as well. I was livid.

    Called vzw and the guy saw the issue and understood but said he had to appeal for the data to be unlimited again. Five days later I got a message (he called at 1130p on a Saturday so I didn't pick up) that it was declined. He said sometimes it takes 2-3 tries so he's trying again for me.

    Vzw still shows my phone as a non-vzw device.

    Not happy right now after paying full price to keep unlimited data.
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    can you describe a little more how they fixed it? i cant get any help from vzw fixing this with mine. ive changed sims and everything


    I've taken it two ways now. The first as I described on the thread above. The phone rep called me back saturday at MIDNIGHT. His voice mail (I missed the call) literally said "I know I said we would fix this, but I have now tried to appeal it twice in 2 weeks and now we are past the 14 day window since the plan changed, sorry. Thanks for being the best part of verizon wireless" BEST PART OF VZW? The customer who gets screwed?! Please. I wish I picked up. I would have said "hold on a mean in the 14 days it took you to appeal for me, we went past the 14 day window allowed to appeal?! how does that make ANY sense?".

    Thankfully in the meantime I had started an email chain wit VZW HQ Executive Relations. They are a lot more helpful. On Friday he told me it would be reinstated within 24-48 hours. Come Monday, nothing had changed. I reached out again, and he promised me within 24 hours and that he would monitor the situation. Still no change 18 hours later. I'll give him the extra day not to be a pain...but Wednesday will reach out again. Talking about the "non vzw device" that displays on my account he said "This is more of a system issue than a device issue on your end." So at least I have in writing that they acknowledge its an issue with their system and promised me it would be fixed....if I have to take it a step further with the BBB or somewhere.

    I still don't get why my plan changed. Even if it was an unlocked, non vzw device (and not an iphone) that I paid for an activated, my plan was still unlimited. I didnt sign anything...where does it say they can change it on me like that?? Not to mention I didn't even get notice.
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    Nothing had changed yesterday so I took it a step further...started tweeting at verizon support about my frustration. Needless to say I was DMed about an hour later to chat, then she called me. We talked for about 15 min about the whole ordeal, and she felt bad and genuinely wanted to help. She was also the first rep who KNEW about this type of issue (with mainly the iphone 4). She told me she knew how to get my phone ESN added into the data base manually and should be done by the end of the week. We hung up.

    This morning I saw my unlimited came back. I don't know if it was her doing (still waiting for account to say iphone 5 vs non-vzw device) or the gentleman's from executive relations...but I'm happy. The twitter team is truly a lot more able than just calling *611. I've always found the same with Comcast as well when I need something.
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    Note 2 user here and yesterday I changed it to i5 at vzw store. My phone now showing non-vzw device??? Everything is working properly though...
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    not saying anything bad about her but with Twitter everyone can see your problem. thats like calling the news when you get screwed. you will get help quicker if there is a potential for the general public to find out. the twitter team may have more authority because of this. not sure but just sayin!
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    Sorry to awaken an ancient thread but...

    I got an iPhone 6 from a Verizon retailer on launch day but it unfortunately had a screen issue so I went to go get a replacement from the Apple Store today. I swapped my SIM card from the first iPhone into the white box replacement and all appeared to be fine ( I could make calls, cellular data working, etc...) However, I just checked my myverizon account, and under my line it says that I "have my sim inserted into a device not recognized by Verizon Wireless" and my device is listed as "non-VZW") Could it be that Apple has not yet reported the IEMI # to Verizon yet? For those of you who have experienced this, how was it fixed, or did it ever get corrected at all? Please help...thanks in advance!

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