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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mattkidd, Jan 8, 2011.

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    I have recently been put in charge of the Mac and Apple line at a local retail store for computing. Most of the macs setup for display have previously been pretty much a mess with customers playing and messing around with the settings.

    I have recently reset all of the macs and created a separate user account simply for demos which have restricted parental controls for specific applications.

    I would like to deliver a service in very much a similar level to quality that the Apple store offers to its customers, therefore i would like the demo and display machines to be full of content such as example images in iPhoto and example iMove projects. I would also really like some videos or screensaver (demo screens) for the macs like they do in the Apple store just to enrich the experience a little for the customers.

    Has anyone got some of this content Apple use for demos and examples? Would really appreciate some help ;)
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    Why don't you contact Apple directly? If you're an authorized reseller you can go through the proper channels.
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    The Apple stores uses an image provided by corporate to store all computer/ipod/iPad images for the demo computers. You could probably mimic this but putting all the stuff you would like to see on a demo mac onto one computer (add movies, iPhoto photos, screensaver, etc) and then image that computer's hdd onto a harddrive. From there, just use the image on each demo computer you have.

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