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Oct 5, 2014
what you guys think of this :

to be honest paying $1200 just to get a pin fixed seems like a reasonable price, even if it can be fixed for like $100. you have the privilege of having apple fix it for you so paying a very small premium isn't a big deal.


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Aug 19, 2017
Pins don’t just get bent. Someone set that up to try and get a response that suited there agenda. Same as trying to bust automobile mechanics or a/c technicians charging for repairs that aren’t necessary.. Even the guy in the video said bending the pin back would most likely not last forever and recommended replacing the cable for a permanent fix. Unfortunately Apple wont repair a cable, they would want to replace the display because the cable isn’t replaceable and that costs $780+labor.. By the way, the cable repair requires desoldering the old cable and resoldering the new one to the display. Apple wont do that, they’ll only replace parts
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