Apple Store shipping rant, or 'This isn't a 'great circle' issue'...

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by PinkyMacGodess, Jun 3, 2010.

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    I ordered a Belkin HDMI cable from the Apple Store along with an AppleTV (before they are discontinued) and the order said that it would ship within 24-hours. That's all fine. It *did* ship in 24-hours.

    The rant comes in for what happened after that item shipped. It was sent via 'DHL GlobalMail'. Ok I thought. DHL is dead, except for overseas the last I heard. It's shipping from Pennsylvania so I expected it in a few days.

    It shipped from there to New Jersey! EAST! It's now going to be delivered (hopefully) on the 10th! A whole week after I ordered it!

    Why is it going to New Jersey? For the 'air'? WFT? It's going a third of the way from the ship point to my house to go to New Jersey.

    I just don't understand...

    So, what I ordered will be here TOMORROW and I'll have to go BUY A CABLE LOCALLY to use it! :mad::confused:

    Yes, the quickest distance between Chicago and London England is north towards Greenland, but New Jersey is in the complete opposite direction!
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    If this is the biggest problem you have all week, count your blessings.

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