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    Hey peeps... So my mom had a pretty bad trip and fall. She was helping my aunt move a table and thought she cleared the edge of the pool and fell into the deep end of the pool. A weird freak accident... falling backwards into the pool, her foot got caught in the corner with all her weight pulling down on her ankle. In the process of doing that she fractured her tibia and fibula by her ankle. She also, scared the crap out of everyone because my mom never learned how to swim.

    So, you probably guessed where this is leading to. She fell in with her iPhone. The iPhone wasn't really the first thing on our minds obvisously, but once we fished her out, I gave it to my son to try to dry it as much as possible. We tried to salvage it by using the rice method but still no luck. It's been 3 Days and it looked like it worked but it was only on for 30 seconds and then flashed the temperature warning and stays with that until the battery dies.

    This is what I was thinking: 1) take my mom to the apple store, be straight up honest with them, and see if they can just replace it for her since she has only had it two months. OR 2) just report it "lost" to Verizon and have them send her a replacement.

    What are people experiences with the Apple store with these type of scenarios? Are they pretty forgiving to cripple old ladies (just kidding mom)? If we go to the Apple store will this jeopardize our chances with Verizon? What would be the best way to handle this?

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    So, you think I'm just better off reporting it "lost"?
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