Apple Store White City - London (UK) Horror Story

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    Sep 22, 2014
    On September 3rd, I took my phone 5 (eligible for the sleep/wake button replacement program) to the Apple Store in White City after booking an appointment for that day. The phone was handed in, inspected and a Genius Bar Work Authorisation receipt was sent to my email; the emploee who took in the phone suggested that it will be ready within 7-10 days and that I would be notified by phone and by email to my Apple ID registered address.

    10 business days passed and I did not have any update, so on Monday September 15th, I called the store to check on the status of the repair. They said that my phone was ready and on the 9th and an individual with my name came into the store and received my phone... And the horror story begun!

    I immediatly explained the situation (I never received any phone calls from the store nor emails confirming the completion of the repair) and asked them about the ID of the person who walked in to the store and stole my phone. To the time of this writing, I have never received a straight answer on that. I also asked them how come I have not received a confirmation email regarding both the completion of the repair and the pick up recept. The response was "we send it to the email address indicated by the person who picked it up" (!!!if this is not plain stupidity, let alone major security hole, then what is?!?). The line manager of the store ensured me that he will investigate the matter and get back to me within 24 hours.

    Not only that phone call never happened, the communication with the store was a horrible and inefficient experience, as I had to explain the situation over and over again to different personnel answering the telephone. After a million phone calls, a London Metropolitan Police Department crime report and several hours of communication with a senior and a supervisor of the Apple Customer Relations EMEA, I was ensured -verbally- that I would get a replacement. Indeed, 7 days after the fact, I was contacted by the apple store and notified about a replacement phone.

    My solicitor suggests that, as this is a case of both identity fraud and physical theft caused by the incompetency of the apple store employees, I should not accept the replacement phone and aim for a further compensation agreement. However, I really want to get this over with and never set foot in the Apple Store in White City again! :(
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    They said that the police is responsible for blacklisting the IMEI, but the police told me that my provider should proceed with the IMEI flagging.

    Their incompetency went on: I got the replacement and they emailed me a receipt with the serial number and IMEI of the stolen phone!
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    1. Who would know that you had a phone in for repair?
    2. Is your email hacked?

    I had the battery replaced on my iPhone 5. It took about a week, but I didn't have to leave my phone with them.

    I went into the Apple Store, Roseville, Cali. They confirmed the need for a battery replacement. (very interesting graph of my battery usage.) They put in an order for the battery, which they didn't have in stock. They called me back, a week later, stating that my battery was in, and I could come in any time to have it swapped out. I went in on Sunday, around 2PM. They took 2 hours to perform the repair. I picked it up at 4PM, end of story. Also, I had a passcode on my phone and couldn't take it off, because of business standards in the medical industry, it is mandatory. I was not required to remove it.

    This is a very busy store, in an upscale mall.

    Your situation has some uncomfortable moments in it.

    1. Leaving your phone for 10 business days, without a receipt.
    2. Little to no communication about the status of your phone.
    3. Mystery person, who knows your name, the location of your phone, and that it was being repaired.
    4. Staff that was not particularly interested in helping you.

    Do you know what this sounds like? An inside job. I suggest you go to another Apple Store and file a complaint about White City. How far up the chain of command did you go? Are the employees that were helping you, still working there?
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    I couldn't agree more with you - I spoke with the store manager, who tried to reassured me about the ongoing investigation without succeeding though.

    One wrong point in your text: I never said that I did not received a receipt when I left the phone. A Genius Bar Work Authorisation receipt was indeed emailed to my registered Apple ID address when I handed in the device. What I did not received is a receipt (or a notice of some sort) that (i) the phone was ready for pick up and (ii) the phone was picked up.

    After all the frustration, the lost work hours, the risk of my info being hijacked (two step verification is enabled for my email service, so my account was not hacked), the noncooperation, I did not appreciate the lack of some sort of compensation in the form of an upgrade or an instore rebate amount.

    The major issue remains though: the security concerns that this event rises in terms of physical and personal information handling by the apple store employees. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the Apple central management to audit the procedures that the retail franchise follow, is also in question here.

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