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Mar 1, 2012
Hi, can I get student discount on an MacBook pro when I'm in high school in the uk? Do I have to do any kind of school verification or is it just the same order process? One last thing, my auntie works in a college, could she get it for me


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Jun 10, 2008
manchester UK
You can get to the education store via a link on the NUS website (National union of students to which you need an account to get to, tho you can probably find the link somewhere else too as its just an open address). I've just checked it and yes there is discount on the new Pros (15inch retina from £1,528 or £1,953 for the higher end retina) and I think they have the back to school itunes gift card offer starting again soon too.

I'm not sure if its a student and teacher discount in the same way it is for say Adobe software, but im sure it'll say on the apple website


Looks like its just uni students so you'll have to wait a few years yet, but your auntie could be you ticket to one...


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Jun 18, 2010
West Drayton, UK
You can get an edu discount: but they aren't as generous as the Higher-Education (University) discounts, nor do I think they come with the three year warranty that the HE discount offers too.

Your auntie will have to check if her college as an agreement with Apple ( Usually though, the Further Education (College) discount is the same as the standard edu pricing, and again nowhere near as good as the HE discount.
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