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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Scartissue, May 31, 2007.

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    Dec 23, 2004
    Hey all

    I've fallen out of the Apple Loop, but I do remember a few things that affect me as a student off to uni next year looking for a laptop (british here). I know that there's normally some "Buy a laptop, get a free ipod" style deal that goes on, and that the consumer laptop generally gets a rehash about that time too. Does anyone know if effectively the free ipod deal is to clear old stock, and will definitely have ended by the time the new revs are released, or will I be able to get a Rev C(?) Macbook, and a free ipod? If the deals happen. Obviously :)

    Also, isn't there something along the lines of a 0%markup installment 6 month payment plan for students that crops up around that time too?


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    ease up fellas, i know it gets old but just don't answer instead of saying use search. it is almost as annoying as the question you are responding to. this is supposed to be a community so either help the person out or simply don't post, but don't be standoffish for such a simple thing (save it for when it really matters;) )
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    well for a start that thread is about america (as are all the threads i've seen about the free ipod offer) whereas the op is british. you could be a bit friendlier.

    to the op, sorry i don't know. when i got my ibook and ipod with the education discount cming up to two years ago i got a £100 rebate for getting both.
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    So yeah....

    Yep, cheers, fully aware that they do the deal, thats why I mentioned it in my post. And yep, starts before school does, so June/July, again, makes sense for it to start then. When does it finish though? I can't remember whether the custom was to let it roll on to catch the Christmas shoppers or not, and could thus apply to a new rev macbook. Also, the Financing program? Any word on that?

    I understand how irritating it can be when someone posts a question thats been asked millions of times before, but it's equally frustrating when some people don't read the original post, and just pick up on a few keywords before posting 'search'.

    Cheers to Sanada and Aniej
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    If I recall correctly, the iPod promo went until the last week of September last year (around the 25th?). I got my Macbook over Labor Day (first weekend in September) and there was a little time left on that promotion.

    As far as financing goes, I know they at least did 90 days interest free, as I've purchased a machine on credit before. I'm not sure whether it was longer than that or not, because I paid it off as soon as the bill came, but I know that there is some grace period.

    I know I haven't completely answered either question...but I hope I've helped! :)

    EDIT: Here's the website for the financing in the U.S. at least. You get 90 days.
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    Tried this last time but it's pointless when being a student you can call up and get 14% off, yet the iPod rebate thing is worth less. So you may as well just get the 14% off instead - I also deal in iPods so if you want a less-than-retail-and-student-discount-on-Apple-Store price then let me know. :)

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