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Apr 12, 2001

Henrico County (Richmond, Virginia) has decided to renew their contract with Apple in supplying iBooks to their middle school students.

Henrico had previously dropped Apple from their High School program in favor of Dell. The high school Apple iBooks were sold off for $50 a piece and drew a lot of interest as well as a stampede.

The new contract is worth $16 million and supplies Henrico with 12,675 iBook laptops for $1,246 each. Interestingly, Dell's bid for the middle school contract was $1,111 per laptop.


macrumors Penryn
Jul 11, 2003
You have to wonder why they took a bid for $171,000 more. I guess the Dell purchase at the high school level has proved less than successful.


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Jan 20, 2003
iBook updates

Apple may have said that iBook updates were imminent. Apple may possibly have let them in on what the future holds. Also the county would probably have to purchase mass amounts MS licenses. Apple may offer iWork for cheap... who knows.


Johnny Malkavia

macrumors newbie
Feb 12, 2006
Nuc said:
Apple may have said that iBook updates were imminent. Apple may possibly have let them in on what the future holds. Also the county would probably have to purchase mass amounts MS licenses. Apple may offer iWork for cheap... who knows.


That is possibly true. Lower total cost of ownership has always been lower for Macs. Also very likely to have factored in the decision is Apple's student information system, PowerSchool.


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Jul 4, 2005
Abstract said:
$1246 is expensive for 12" iBooks, no?

And they better be getting the new Intel based ones. Maybe Herlico could purchase the G4 ones for less money.

They've probably got some updated specs (RAM, HDD) and some extra software on top of the stock model. Maybe Apple's given them some .Mac access too, who knows?


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Aug 24, 2003
this put a smile on my face :D, i highly doubt their will be a riot for 50 dollar dells.


macrumors Penryn
Dec 27, 2002
Location Location Location
redeye be said:
I think it's even expensive for a 14" when buying over 12000.
They know something we don't.

Well apparently they don't know about economies of scale. :p

So lets assume that the iBook is getting new specs, but a price hike. Or we can just assume that they got something else in the deal that made each computer worth $1260, maybe AppleCare or something.


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Jul 4, 2005
Yeah, US$1111 Dell's are expensive too. They must have added some serious software/AppleCare support to sweeten the deal. I don't think Dell can offer the kind of integration with software and .Mac-style hosting services that Apple can.

i think they saw cheaper Dell's a false economy. They pay less now but they'll have to pay more in upkeep etc. in the future.

Anybody know when these are due to be delivered? I keep forgetting the US isn't starting it's school year now. Uni starts back for the new year next week and the schools have already begun their new year's.


macrumors 6502
Jul 6, 2004
Nagoya, Japan

1. All the useful software iBooks ship with (iWeb, iPhoto, etc)
2. The extra productivity software Apple might be throwing in (iWork)
3. The lesser resources needed for maintenance and fixing software problems

The Apple deal must work out to be significantly cheaper for the school than the Dell deal. Imagine buying all those copies of Office, some good anti-malware software, and then having to fix Dell bricks with hosed registries or spyware infestations.


macrumors regular
Nov 28, 2001
At best, Dell was probably offering Celeron-based 600m's with integrated video, XP pro and office basic and they wouldn't be taking any hit on cost for that price. More than likely, they were offering the Inspiron 3000's that they could hardly give away over Christmas at absurdly increased prices and hoping that the school would take a 14" in screen with "proven intel technology" over anything that Apple could offer. I'm glad they were wrong.

This is pure speculation...from someone who worked for Dell up until recently. I am ashamed, but it was decent money where and when I needed it. I got a haircut and now I make twice as much waiting tables in a much more organized environment. Dell sucks in every way possible.


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Sep 27, 2003
Good news, but...

I'm sure the $1246 is mostly due to the spread-out cost of support, repair parts, infrastructure overhead, etc., and *possibly* the aforementioned software add-ons and hardware upgrades.


macrumors 65816
Feb 12, 2006
Yeah, I wouldn't get too excited because of the price. It doesn't mean an Intel iBook, however, why would Jobs sell them iBooks in June? I think they might keep the iBook name rather than using "MacBook." Who knows, it just seems weird to me that Apple is selling them these computers for this much, especially if they're going to be replaced soon (likely - It IS Apple) at which point the new iBooks would probably be considerably cheaper than the price listed here...


macrumors 6502
Apr 29, 2005
two things to remember:

1) The june date has (ostensibly) nothing to do with new machines, it is simply the time when the current middle school contract runs out (that said, who knows if there were promises of new hardware or "whatever the latest release by June 1" or something like that)

2) This contract is still just for the middle schools, whereas the iBooks that caused the riots (which I attended) were for the High School contract. And they will still be using Dell machines at least until the new contract they signed expires.

--So really this has less to do with a victory for apple in the EDU market, but more of not losing another contract with Henrico schools.
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