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Oct 19, 2014
hi guys,
everytime i contact apple chat, they never can help me... they are so useless and can only send the things to the developers...

i mean, what is this chat for.. i work at an IT company in Austria and when i talk to our customers like that the company could close.

i contacted them 10 times that my mouse cursor often disapears. after a reboot its here again. or when i click on the left top on the apple icon. but when i click on the safari window again, its again gone...

they always just say, a fix is coming with the next update, but nothing happens with the next update...

or my second problem, when i watch a youtube video on any other site then youtube and go to fullscreen then the video is not fullscreen. there are on the botton and right fat black borders
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Jul 16, 2010
ny somewhere
perhaps post your mac hardware & OS details here, and ask for help. this is a great forum, filled with knowledgeable people, who can possibly help with your issues (much more useful than just complaining).

fwiw, applecare has connected to my mac twice in the last year, and were very useful.
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Aug 8, 2018
The American Empire
Sadly have to agree, tech support has always been lacking. I've been chasing around a raid issue with them for about six weeks so far and no real response from engineering, despite 200+ crash logs and several supervisor level conversations. They know it's a fault in disk utility/driver but I think the isolation of depts from Hardware to software might be so tight at this point it's just frozen in what they can really come up with in the way of a fix for it. It did get fixed by an edit to Disk Utility and a rewrite of the driver kext on my side. So much for AppleCare. I think I'm going to spend the money next time on a course from Rossman Group and skip the nonsense if I ever face a hardware level issue.
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Oct 23, 2013
Richmond, BC, Canada
The last time I contacted Apple support (via Phone as I was in the middle of nowhere) it was for a problem with a system not going to sleep. They told me after pretty much zero troubleshooting that it was because the slightly out of warranty Macbook with ~160 battery cycles and a reported 93% battery health had an almost dead battery and it was probably going to be completely dead in a couple months. Their suggested solution would be to buy a new Mac because it would be too expensive to replace the battery in the existing one...

On a related note it took them almost 5 minutes to explain how to open the System Information tool, and they did so with the most convoluted method I've ever seen. I had figured out pretty quickly what they were trying to get to but I just wanted to see how long it would take them.

My last trip to the "Genius" Bar was almost as bad. I remember support being pretty decent back in the PowerPC era.


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Dec 14, 2010
Apple support has seriously dropped over the past few years. Most of the 'Genius' employees in stores seem like they have very little actual IT experience. Script reading at its best.
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