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Sep 21, 2001
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Does anyone else get the feeling that Apple rips them off when it comes to customer support. Why doesn't Apple offer any free Customer support????


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Nov 8, 2001
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they do within the first 90 days of an unregistered product and 1 year of a registered one, and the knowledge base is online, most things can be answered there, hell microsoft doesnt even offer support u have to go through the PC manufacturer, some dont give you lifetime support like dell or gateway, then again some arent as big, and neither is apple :( unfortunately, dont worry, apple has many good days ahead :)


Jul 9, 2000
apple has improved their customer service greatly over the last couple of years but many say they have a ways to go judging from this and other mac sites

...but at least they are getting better as opposed to getting worse a former dell warranty tech in training from one of my mentors, i learned a lot about how a really ordinary pc company with a "normal" computer could reach the top through really aggresive sales, advertising, and A1 customer service

apple will also achieve this hopefully, it is just that dell has so much money and their presence in texas almost constitutes a silicon valley/v.2 in its own right!


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Jul 24, 2001
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I've found that Apple(doesn't)care is pretty much worthless. I hate them hate them hate them! 90days and that's it, period. My company buys a lot of Macs and the only time I got them to even answer a question was when I threatened to turn the whole studio PC. Even then the tech that answered the question emphatically with a "there is absolutely no way to do that", was wrong. We now do it everyday, and it is not an unsupported hack either.
Seriously though, they do suck. Apple in general can be pretty hard to deal with sometimes. There is a huge volume on a website called that has boards that turnover every few days with questions about Final Cut Pro. Since Apple won't or can't answer anyone's questions on FCP it has become the place to get real answers to problems or bugs or whatever. I don't know anyone who has gotten good Pro level support from Apple.
Oh, but they are good about replacing your hard drive when it fries all your data within the first two weeks.