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    Hello everyone,

    I posted this on another Mac forum, but since I frequent this one more I thought I'd share it with you guys too. :D

    Back in April I went to a computer show and got some really awesome Apple items pretty cheap. I paid about $5 or so for a bunch, and I mean a bunch of Apple books and guides from the early 90's. One was a Newton folder with photos, slides and documents. Another was an Apple folder with Macintosh Performa photos, slides and documents. Beyond the sealed user guides for the Mac Plus, in the bundle there were three big binders.

    Two seem pretty identical reading "Apple Supportools Reference Guides". One is full of technical specs and product sheets, while the other is filled with AppleGram newsletters. In all these binders contain AppleGram newsletters, support guides, product guides, accessory guides, great photos, and much more.

    One of the binders seems pretty complete at over 300 pages (not including fold-out articles/guides), while the other seems empty by comparison, but is filled with AppleGrams, System Error summaries, and Sad Mac summaries. Also there's a Macintosh System 7 binder filled with a lot of Apple advice, it seems to be a training course. I found another one of these for HyperCard, it's sealed but from the feel of it there's a Floppy Disk inside! :)

    I took a bunch of photos, you can see them here (sorry for the blurry ones) and looked through the whole thing. It's in amazing condition, especially considering it's age. The photos in the binders are sometimes on glossy paper and they look great, only 2 of the documents are photocopies of the originals. ;)

    I'm currently in the process of scanning all the documents I can, but I was wondering if I hosted them as PDF files online if Apple would come after me. I don't think they would really but, you never know. doesn't seem to have an issue hosting Apple printed ads, but this may differ.

    I was wondering if anyone else has these or how common they are. I suppose they were given out to Apple resellers. Anyway here is a link to the directory where I have uploaded some of the guides. I also scanned in an AppleGram newsletter from September 20th 1989! :eek:

    The binder is sperated into about 8 main sections as you can see below.

    -Macintosh CPUs and Expansion Cards (Fully scanned)
    -Apple II CPUs and Expansion Cards (Fully scanned)
    -Input and Display Devices (Partially scanned)
    -Disk Drives
    -Modems Networking

    Of course if for any legal reason you are the original owner or distributor of these documents and would like them removed please notify me.

    Hope you guys enjoy this look back into Apple's history! :)

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    I have a SupportTools binder.

    Apple gave one out to each support person at where I used to work, then they sent us pages as new products came out.

    When I left the company, I took mine, as the company announced they were switching to PC's.

    I wish I had gone back and gotten all the rest of the cool Apple stuff as it all ended up in the garbage... :mad:

    I've seen people post the stuff, as long as you put a disclaimer:

    "All materials copyrighted by Apple. Images and documents are for archival/nostalgic purposes only" (so casual people don't think these are "current products").

    Can you post scans of the marketing packages? I'd like to post them on an Apple Pictures website one day?

    Thanks for sharing!

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