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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by blueflame, Mar 24, 2006.

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    seems to me

    1: portables are the way to go, laptops sell far better than desktops nowadays. I think this stripped down version of a intel macs would really just be a tablet. core solo, slowest. it would be an easy way to seperate the lines, built in isight small hard disk, integrated graphics 10" screen.

    2:make all the accesories for it. It seems apple makes alot from acsessories. so many types. Almost to the point of ipod. This industry growth thing is great for apple. the more companies that make things specifically for their products the better, it spurs the longevity, and perpetuates itself.

    Even though in the past, tablets have been a failing market, i think that the everyday consumer is ready for such a product, and it is just the niche market that apple could very eaasily do right. really adding a touch interface with their design would not be so hard, and due to its striking similarity to an ipod by basic design, I think they would really capture this market very quickly.

    As people seem to be now realizing, hardware is becoming less important, and software is becoming a large defining factor. This is ye another way to have apple give themselves a market to define. se the standard in, and have it work seamlessly. I can imagine the recent virtuilizations rumors be a way so that OS X can also seamlessly sync with windows as it would with a mac. if it is truely the case that microsoft would be working with apple in virtuilization. think how many copies of windows and office wthey could sell, and clearly would be a better seller than the current crop of tablets. win win for both.
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    If the price was right I think an Apple tablet would be fantastic. I would prefer to have s slide-outable keyboard of sorts though, or a flip flop mechanism like a lot of other tablets use.
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    You have some valid points, but I just can't see the tablet ever becoming that popular, purely on the basis of it's design and ergonomics. It's too big to be as portable as a PDA, and if they go with the 10'' screen as you suggest it's too small to substitute a laptop. Tablets are sort of a mix potentially good features which just don't seem to coalesce into anything that useful.
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    Dec 24, 2004
    Finally I have arrived.....
    Since I have a new Fujitsu tablet PC (convertible version), I can tell you Tablet PC is very functional in terms of taking notes, organizing those notes, putting down ideas on the fly (with hand writing), drawing with Alias Sketchbook Pro, painting with Corel Painter IX 9.5, and etc.
    General consumers are not into different format of computing compared to more tech savvy people. I feel good that I can enjoy this tablet format while the vast majority of people are not even aware of usefulness/effectiveness of Tablet PC (this is like, keeping good things to myself without sharing with anyone; my selfish mode is now kicking in).
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    Feb 2, 2005
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    a tablet pc is a terrible form factor:

    1. screen is exposed all the time to dirt and scratches

    2. no keyboard

    3. anything with a touchscreen that is used extensively has all kinds of scratches and smudges on it.

    just put a touch screen on the new ibook and have the screen rotate and fold down on the keyboard.
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    i agree

    consumers are not as tech savvy, but dont judge too fast. people didnt want mp3 players as well. apple mad it intuitive ans easy to use, and easy to transfer data. i think this is a big part missing. its hard to transfer data around multiple computers, comething apple seems to be able to do corerectly. while too big to be a pda, i agree, it would be a wonderful addition to almost any setup. i would pa 800 dollars just ot have a mobile note taking, mobile ichat, and mobile web/email. i mean really mobile, 3\4 inch thick. this wouldnt even need speakers built in.
    the two drawbacks to balets so far is:
    price and function
    tey go for around 1500 right now, with lesser specs than most low end laptops, and they use windows, not exactly the shining star of computing. if the price were aroun 800, and apple based OS, i think consumers would adopt this very fast.
    is there anyway to make a poll to see how many people would buy a tablet?
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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Thta would be cool:)

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