Apple Takes Control of iPhone-Related Trademark in China

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    Macworld reports that Apple has taken control of a trademark for the term "i-phone" in China after reaching an agreement with the previous holder to resolve a conflict that could have prevented Apple from releasing the iPhone there under its global brand name.
    Chinese intellectual property lawyers had previously indicated that Apple would have difficulty launching the iPhone in China under its usual name due to its similarity to that of Hanwang's device and trademark.

    Apple launched the iPhone in China in late October with partner carrier China Unicom, which has reportedly exceeded 300,000 units sold despite a slow launch weekend.

    Article Link: Apple Takes Control of iPhone-Related Trademark in China
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    i know

    its not just doing bad its doing terrible!! I just got back from china and you could ask any person there that its way! out of their price range it cost 700$ and for a Chinese person thats like 2000$.

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