Apple TC or Apple Base Station for my home?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by msarway, Jun 4, 2008.

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    I have a linksys cable modem in my home now and i have been having some issues with the speeds. I have a Dlink Dir655 as the wireless router. The problem i have is that when i open up safari there is a big delay on the download of the web pages i did all the speed tests and i have determined the Dlink is not good. The question i have is do i buy a TC 500GB or just go with the airport base station and add some access points in my home. my home is big and has 2 floors and a pool so i want to be covered. all my kids have macbooks so there will be 5 macs using it. i also have a wii. What shall i do. i also have a d link dir655 access point on my secend floor.
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    have you determined if its the Router or the Cable modem causing the speed issues?

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    i tested the cable modem buy going direct and there was no issue. when i went threw the router there was a problem.
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    Depends on your budget, and if you need the TC.

    You can add a couple hardwired expresses and extend your network over the whole house.

    Just make sure you ...
    - Bridge mode and hardwired to the network.
    - same SSID on all
    - all wireless security options <u>exactly</u> the same on all
    - different channels (Try to keep them spread out)
    - spread out physically either upstairs/downstairs or East/West side of the house.

    your wireless devices will automatically pick the strongest signal and go with that one.

    You can substitute a TC or extreme for an express if your budget allows and you want the extra features. but with the express you can add airtunes and put music around the house.
    Might be nice if you setup one in a room close to the pool, and could put music out there easily.

    The dir655 on the second floor, is that hardwired or setup in WDS to extend the main base? WDS can kill network speeds, since it basically runs half speed (half coming in from main base, half going out to laptop).

    Also I'm not sure how this works with N, but on a B/G router if you have one B device connected, everything will run B. So the Wii could be slowing you down.

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