Apple, thank you for 10.9 :)

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    Dear Apple,

    I know, your new OS is behind the corner, but I would like to thank you for ... bringing OS X near perfection with the 10.9.

    It's not important that I'm not a fan of the flat design, or anything related with the "new Apple". I'm not abandoning you. I'm staying. Forever (or at least for a long long time). There are people still using 10.5, 10.6, or other releases. I'm good with 10.9, the system I absolutely love.

    I'm so happy you brought so many good things already to 10.9 (Finder tabs, iBooks, Maps, multiple display support, retina displays support). I love its design, I love its beautiful icons, I love its beautiful Dock, I love how fast it is (with an SSD), I love that every 3rd party software I like to play with works with it as well.

    Literally nothing springs to my mind, what I'm missing in the system. And the new features in 10.10 are something I can easily live without.

    So thank you, Apple, once again. For making an OS that brings me joy and happiness every time I use it. And I'm quite sure that this joy and happiness will last also the next year, in 5 years and even in 10 years or longer. I don't need the newest and greatest (and flattest). I just like to use what I love. :)
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